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Thumbnail of Squirrel Vs, chipmunk

Squirrel Vs, chipmunk

Published 5 minutes ago in Animals. Submitted by pignmar41

Thumbnail of Johnny Cash Final Project

Johnny Cash Final Project

Published 3 hours ago in Other. Submitted by thundersnow

Johnny Cash fans from around the world use the web to join together and create a music video memorializing his last recording. Each fan illustrates their own frame of the video. As people all over the world contribute, the project continues to evolve and grow, one frame at a time…
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Thumbnail of Crazy road rage in North Vancouver 2017-09-19

Crazy road rage in North Vancouver 2017-09-19

Published 6 hours ago in Vehicles. Submitted by thundersnow

Crazy road rage in North Vancouver between Main St and Mountain Hwy. Two drivers and one passenger first exchanged greetings by kicking cars and throwing bottles. The third car was a victim under the first wave of attack. Then it was heated up and the black car driver broke the s…
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Thumbnail of An American liberal in Denmark

An American liberal in Denmark

Published 9 hours ago in Ownage. Submitted by sux2bu

:warning: foul language :warning:
So a leftist American woman travels abroad, to Denmark and walks into a bar.
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Thumbnail of Up The River // Hypetrain Motors

Up The River // Hypetrain Motors

Published 2 days ago in Awesome. Submitted by thundersnow