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Thumbnail of Somewhere in Russia

Somewhere in Russia

Published 5 hours ago in Other. Submitted by pignmar41

Thumbnail of Prom Proposal Does NOT Go As Planned

Prom Proposal Does NOT Go As Planned

Published 14 hours ago in Ownage. Submitted by Geekster

She doesn't realize what's going on, and makes things extremely uncomfortable. :x

Thumbnail of Russian Army (greetings from Russia)

Russian Army (greetings from Russia)

Published 22 hours ago in Awesome. Submitted by Burimi

Only in Russia

Thumbnail of Concrete track laying train

Concrete track laying train

Published 1 day ago in Science. Submitted by 01nvr

The ballast renewal trains have been featured on the site before

Thumbnail of Revenge on a prankster

Revenge on a prankster

Published 1 day ago in Pranks. Submitted by cameramaster

A Guy pranked his girlfriend....THIS is her revenge...a surprise butt waxing.