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Thumbnail of The Internet people

The Internet people

Published 11 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Niek

An animated tribute to the 'Internet people' of the world. You should be able to recognize at least some of them :)

Thumbnail of How to draw a car in MS Paint

How to draw a car in MS Paint

Published 11 years ago in Other

A screencast of a race car drawing made entirely with the great *cough* graphics program MS Paint.

Thumbnail of Microwave experiments

Microwave experiments

Published 11 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Jos

Bored of using your microwave just for pizzas? Here are some alternatives ;) Seriously, you shouldn't try to reproduce these experiments.

Thumbnail of Piracy is a crime!

Piracy is a crime!

Published 11 years ago in Parodies

An MPAA-like advertisement against downloading videos, which makes perfectly clear why downloading videos is illegal Read more…

Thumbnail of Worst burglar ever

Worst burglar ever

Published 11 years ago in Ownage

A smart guy shows his shoplifting skills in front of the security cameras :D