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Thumbnail of The "wake up" cat

The "wake up" cat

Published 11 years ago in Cartoons. Submitted by Niek

If you like cats and cartoons, you'll love this video!

Thumbnail of Study: Multiple stab wounds may be harmful

Study: Multiple stab wounds may be harmful

Published 11 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by Jos

A breakthrough in medical science: a $1.2 million study points out that stabbing with knives or other sharp objects results in shorter life expectancy. From the parody news network ONN.

Thumbnail of Japanese toilet training

Japanese toilet training

Published 11 years ago in Documentary

One of the most inappropriate children's videos ever... with English subtitles :D

Thumbnail of Human LCD screen

Human LCD screen

Published 11 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Saturn

School boys in South Korea cheering for their soccer teams. The color difference is made using their jackets, which have a different color on the front side than on the back side.

Thumbnail of A sad story...

A sad story...

Published 11 years ago in Commercials

Listen to the story of the man with the black hat. A commercial for EPURON.