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Thumbnail of "Russian Woodpecker", Duga 3

"Russian Woodpecker", Duga 3

Published 2 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by Sizzlik

Yuriy and Sergei get inside once extremely secret military base with it's famous Russian Woodpecker - over the horizon radar - also known as a "Steel Yard"
From "Off the Beaten Track of Chernobyl Exclusion zone"

Thumbnail of "Stink Master 2000" - Bio Warfare Slingshot

"Stink Master 2000" - Bio Warfare Slingshot

Published 1 year ago in Awesome

Thumbnail of "Strange Addictions"!

"Strange Addictions"!

Published 91 days ago in Other


Thumbnail of "Symmetry"


Published 94 days ago in Other

So simple yet so well done.

Thumbnail of "The Asian Vitruvian Man"

"The Asian Vitruvian Man"

Published 25 days ago in Awesome

An amazing street performer in Taipei took my breath away. This is street performing at its best. Totally worth tipping a lot. Can't imagine the training it took to create this piece of moving body art. This Asian brother has got it!