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Thumbnail of Bird poops in mouth

Bird poops in mouth

Published 10 years ago in Animals

A local news guy does a live report on the Canadian brown finch overpopulation in a town. The birds don't like being called an infestation and respond by dropping a piece of crap in …
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Thumbnail of Dolphins invent the wheel

Dolphins invent the wheel

Published 11 years ago in Animals

Dolphins have been observed to create bubble rings by exhaling air carefully in the middle of the vortices caused by the motion of their fins through the water, among other techniques. Looks like a nice party trick ;)Read more…

Thumbnail of Cat massage

Cat massage

Published 11 years ago in Animals

A happier cat video this time. A cat gives a massage to his big friend.

Thumbnail of Cat with gloves

Cat with gloves

Published 11 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Matthijs

Some might call it cruel, but I couldn't stop laughing while watching this video :D

Thumbnail of Are sharks afraid of dolphins?

Are sharks afraid of dolphins?

Published 11 years ago in Animals

An interesting episode of the TV show MythBusters.