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Thumbnail of EXOPC EXOdesk first look

EXOPC EXOdesk first look

Published 2 years ago in Computers. Submitted by Strychnine

EXOdesk is part of a new products line to be build by selected partners in 2012, focusing on pricing and user experience.
The HTML5 multi-touch development kit and the application store allows a wide range of exciting applications involving productivity and creativity.

Thumbnail of Explosive inc.

Explosive inc.

Published 5 years ago in Computers. Submitted by minkki

Another great parody

Thumbnail of Für Elise scanner song

Für Elise scanner song

Published 7 years ago in Computers

Not really astonishing sound quality, but still a very nice modification.

Thumbnail of Flexible Muscle Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures

Flexible Muscle Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures

Published 81 days ago in Computers

Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk... with sometimes unintentionally hilarious results

Thumbnail of Forget floppy drives...

Forget floppy drives...

Published 50 days ago in Computers. Submitted by dave9191

"Eye of the tiger" played on a modified dot matrix printer.
MIDI file from unknown creator.