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+16 1. Degree516 commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

I thought this video was very entertaining but couldn't help to laugh more at some of the comments people are making, like saying shame on the husband for laughing at her I'm sorry but boy or girl sitting in that chair I would have laughed myself. And if it was me in that chair and my father was laughing at me I'd laugh looking back at this video and I think everyone who made comments would laugh at themselves as well. Anyone who says he should be doing something else think back for a second and try to remember one memory past three years old. When your child does something funny you laugh when they do something spectacular your congratulate them. I don't think he would be laughing if she spoke her first word. She's not speaking she's babbling and mimicking adults and all kids do that maybe not as fast but it's a common thing. Watch the video for the enjoyment not to try and relate it to some male/feminist argument.