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-1 1. Herhighness commented 9 years ago on video Free kicks tricks

As you stare down at the goalie and 'psych' him out here are all sorts of goals for you to envision in the movie inside your mind .........this is for your pleasure and enjoyment!......Ciao H
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+8 2. Herhighness commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

This lovely FEMALE is a true delight! She reminds me of my daughter at about the same age Some 23 years ago...Mila would keep whoever was in the backseat with her company, too. She is extraordinary in that speech is a learned response and her mimicries reflect her intelligence that will soon blossom to sentences no doubt. Those of the nay-sayers are undoubtedly looking at the fact MANY MANY grown men lack her skill of verbal sad for most men....after all where do they live?? Under a rock!
I send my KUDOS to this KID!