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+17 1. MJR53 commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

This is a funny video and not a statement on the brain pans of males versus females. Neither is it a comment on the presumed father not encouraging the child properly by laughing at what she is "saying". If you listen to the background voices, you can hear a woman (the presumed mother) also laughing at this precocious child. The gibberish she is speaking is, of course, her own language and it makes perfect sense to her at this moment. Any similarity it may bear to a known language as regards sentence constructs, intonations, syntax,, are coincidental. The "language", such as it is, will disappear in a few months when she has learned the language of her parents. She may wind up speaking her native tongue clearly at a very early age, but it is presumptuous to think that this fire hydrant of baby talk is indicative of predecessory language.

I think the person who originally posted the video could have found a better title than "Are Women Born This Way" because the overly sensitive amongst us might take offense at that but it is hardly despicable. Let's call this video what it is - a cute baby babbling - and not assign all kinds of pseudo sociological meanings to it.