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0 1. balonsolos commented 9 years ago on video Trekkies bash new Star Trek movie

I have watched almost all the old star Trek shows (dont wanna lie maybe missed one while watching Gilligan's Island) and that being said. This was definatly a flashy videogame style that was not unentertaining. I liked it. Could it have been better .. probably. Will I watch a sequel .. HELL YES!. I think it has alot of potential. I do miss the old Bones, Kirk, Checkovf, Spock, Scotty , Kirk and the cougar Auora.

I love it that they had an Ensign go help blow up the driller and of course got wacked lol. You never wanted to be the extra help on the patrol. HAHA! Come on peeps its different peeps and they will have to forge thier own idenity I suppose.

I dont belive the Bones character suits him... Bones was ANUAL retentive not like this haplas hippie healer. He was more methodical. I sometimes thought Bones was the human version of Spock to an extent. One was master of Science the other medicine.

I liked how they gave more role to Checkov and Auora. Scotty seemed like the best match. Spock ... well I didnt feel it. Spock was always like Spock... remember the show "IN SEarch of" he was like that all the time.

Kirk well its hard to over act as good as WIlle did. God hes was so fuunty back on the tv shows. At recess we made comunicators out of note book paper and they could flipout with colored crayon buttons. We made phazers and had alot of fun. Of course the girls in class were the evil aliens we ploted to round up and send them back to Starfleet. They loved to be chased and seemed a little miffed when we put them in the invisible holding cell and left them.

Man o man the good ole days when instead of loafing around on computers .. We caught a quick show before dad got home to watch the news then went outside to make up our own games.

But heck what do I know.
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+24 2. balonsolos commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

LOL yes this is funny and precious. I remember my daughter near the same age going on a tirade after she got her hand spanked after doing something bad for the upteenth time by her momma. She did the same thing. You cant help but laugh. Its to over whelming the first time and wonderful.

Yes mothers who spend more time with thier children see this more and can interact more after the first one. The first is mind blowing. So be gentle on the guy who is total over- whelmed. I raised my daughter from the age of 3 on... after her mother died of cancer. I took care of her and her mother. So we can be very attentive when it matters and just as quick we can be insensitive like most women. We are more alike than most wish or understand.