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1. capitanqueso 5 years ago on video Where the Hell is Matt?

They are everywhere LOL.

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2. capitanqueso 6 years ago on video Where the Hell is Matt?

what are you talking about? i only see a guy whit a lot of money jumping and moving around the world! god if i got money i'll do something else with it but i didn't live much longer

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3. capitanqueso 6 years ago on video The costs of war

don't worry! ;) i am from Argentina our external debt grow by day just about 31 millions in interest currently we owe more than 228 trillions to the world, :O USA and others make us pay for their lost wars and i mean the whole Latin America even Brazil and others 3rd world countries! we work and produce they make war for test their weapons. :'(
watch this, is actualized by the second (you need java installed)