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+6 1. poppins commented 9 years ago on video Old couple playing piano

Yes, it is a Cancer Center and the man was there for his routine check-up and they just started plaing the piano. They had played a while before this song. Hdy, she gets a few pats in too!
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+11 2. poppins commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

Oh gosh this so reminds me of my daughter when she was this age! She jibbered non-stop. I would encourage her by affirming what she was saying. We were at a basketball game, first row, second level, she was talking to me, I said, "Yes"! She repeated, much the same thing again and I said, "uh-hunh". She stood right in front of me and said it again. Again I affirmed what she said, and she preceded to jump off the balconey! I was quick enough to grab her by the back of the dress (she had to climb under a bar) and haul her to safety! She asked me 3 times if she could! Don't tell me babies don't know what they are saying, we just don't!

Also, she comes by it honestly, my dad always said I was vaccinated with a Victrola needle (some of you young ones will have to look that word up), and now I am a preacher!

One last comment for the man who said the baby should be facing backwards: obviously the car is not moving as someone in the front seat is shooting the video! Gosh people, try to reason things out before you make silly comments!