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-9 1. sudbird commented 9 years ago on video Are women born this way?

This should be more aptly titled "Are men born this way?" I agree with #14 and 26 (and disagree with almost all you other dw--bs), this girl is test-flighting language skills she sees adults use all day. Unfortunately, the man with her, like so many men before him, instead of interacting with her in an encouraging way and giving her positive feedback, treats her like she's nuts, and then laughs at her like she's a funny object. You can even see her confusion and disappointment when he laughs. Watch her, she looks down and away in shame. Her voice becomes less enthusiastic and lower pitched, possibly sad. She thought she was doing so well, and was expecting confirmation of that. As with so many women, been there. Fortunately most moms know what to do (don't you?) by joining in on the game, and treating her like the brilliant child she is. Go girl ! ! :D