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Thumbnail of Gardening made easy

Gardening made easy

Published 9 years ago in Other. Submitted by Jos

Jeremy Clarkson gives an interesting gardening tip. Demonstration included.

Thumbnail of She has a boyfriend

She has a boyfriend

Published 9 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by Niek

The British know how to treat ladies >:)
Warning: foul language.

Thumbnail of Knockout in 18 seconds

Knockout in 18 seconds

Published 9 years ago in Sports. Submitted by Niek

Unbelievable... this guy slams his opponent knockout is a mere 18 seconds :D

Thumbnail of Amazing Wushu fight scene

Amazing Wushu fight scene

Published 9 years ago in Sports

An amazing Wushu performance on the All-China Games (in August 2006).

Thumbnail of Halo triple kill

Halo triple kill

Published 9 years ago in Technology

After the first and second Halo team-kills, here is a regular three-in-one kill.