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Thumbnail of Fire extinguisher + plastic bag = ???

Fire extinguisher + plastic bag = ???

Published 11 years ago in Weird

So, you got a fire extinguisher, a plastic bag and too much spare time. See the video for the result :D

Thumbnail of Slow motion compilation

Slow motion compilation

Published 11 years ago in Compilations

Always wondered how firing guns and slapped people looks like in slow motion? Wonder no more :) Here is a compilation of high FPS slow motion videos.

Thumbnail of Dare-Vils Parkour

Dare-Vils Parkour

Published 11 years ago in Awesome

A video showing various parkour moves, made by the "Dare-Vils" clan.

Thumbnail of Lada drifting

Lada drifting

Published 11 years ago in Sports

The Russians are coming in their Ladas... :D

Thumbnail of Tractor out of gas

Tractor out of gas

Published 11 years ago in Weird. Submitted by Matthijs

A clever solution...