Small house looks larger

An Japanese architect used manipulation of light and space to make a tiny house seem larger.

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Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements


1. yuriythebest 6 years ago

wow the japaneese are smart

Picture of dave919144 achievements


2. dave9191 6 years ago

I wouldn't mind seeing that in person.

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


3. DarkiKun 6 years ago

seems like a very nice place to live in ^^

Picture of venomkd27 achievements


4. venomkd 6 years ago

i would live in that house in a heart beat, looks nice and comfy

Picture of cpuomega512 achievements


5. cpuomega5 6 years ago

the structure and design idea is great, but it comes at a cost (or if you will, a trade off). What if a storm hits the house, it seems all that glasses is quiet dangerous and break easily, perhaps even collapsing the building. Design ideas have to be coherent with safety and structure.

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


6. Aliquantulus 6 years ago

It's probably amazing at first, but as soon as you move in and take all your crap with you, you will see how little space you actually have.. And how amazingly unpractical it is to have tiny areas with useless heigth..

Nice at first, probably hell to live in..

Picture of Kir42 achievements


7. Kir4 6 years ago

hmmm a lot of different shelves to put everything on, couple that with wall mounts, it would be a perfect live in area for someone who isn't home often... or a gamer.

Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements


8. cannnobaL 6 years ago

It's not dedicated for long-term living.
You go on a job-trip, or 1 week stay - you rent this, and it's awesome.


Picture of smartpatrol8 achievements


9. smartpatrol 6 years ago

LOL @ Kir4 a gamer

Picture of Noureddin5 achievements


10. Noureddin 6 years ago

Ummm.. Did they delete my comment or something?


Only simple minded people will be tricked by this stupid "Illusion" but I think its small to begin with. It doesn't look big on video or anything. So, Why do they say its big. But, Hey... ALLOT of people in this world is stupid now so I guess allot of people will fall for this trick...

Plus, Wouldn't this be considered false advertising or something. Cause that like selling something that called "Whip Cream" and its not a whip, cream, or whip cream even. Its just a foot ball. >.> I know, Bad example. No one will really fall for something like that but still.

Picture of Matt__________163 achievements


11. Matt__________16 6 years ago

Its not like there trying to trick people, they show you the outside, i think its a cool idea but i agree with you guys i would love to rent it for a week but never live in it

Picture of laststone3 achievements


12. laststone 6 years ago

I guess the house is great if you are single. just let a girl in with all her shit and see how big that house is.

Picture of ComentAtor40 achievements


13. ComentAtor 4 years ago

#6 as you correctly put it .. it's crap.. you don't use it so don't carry it into a new home, people in the west tend to pile up unnecessary stuff, so we "need" our attics and garages to put it all somewhere. Get rid of it! and practicality isn't everything, there is also a feel of the space.
#8 it is :) #10 you are simple minded if you think the effort that was put in creating this "trick" is useless. Try designing a living space that is smaller than a US bedroom w. bathroom, with street and neighbours 6 feet away .. you simple minded prick.
They had a small plot and the small space was only possibility, so the only question was how to make it light and spacious, and I think that the out-of-the-box crazy jap created a fine space.