Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign

Why did the deer cross the road? Because there was a sign.

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Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


1. TitvsCaivs 1 year ago

Oy my god, how fuckin' stupid can people get?

Picture of Alvonwin36 achievements


2. Alvonwin 1 year ago

People...they will always surprise me! :S

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


3. banzemanga 1 year ago

How did she get a driver license?!

Picture of ProfessionalGeek26 achievements


4. ProfessionalGeek 1 year ago

Do I have too much hope in humanity in thinking this is a prank?

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


5. y3lom 1 year ago

WOW! i think i just lost some brain cells :x

Picture of muha1317 achievements


6. muha13 1 year ago

stupidity is indestructible

Picture of dannodon36 achievements


7. dannodon 1 year ago

To bad we still don't have the technology to bitchslap someone over TCP/IP :| .

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


8. LightAng3l 1 year ago

She has a car I don't
She has a house I don't
She has a good job I don't
She can afford a lot of things I can't
She has an IQ of 65 I have 125

She is from America, I'm not...

Picture of djac1320 achievements


9. djac13 1 year ago

I'am sorry to say it but this is one typical American stupid empty head women .......totally fuckt'up brain and I agree with Dannodon 100% with :
"To bad we still don't have the technology to bitchslap someone over TCP/IP "

Picture of bella128 achievements


10. bella1 1 year ago

They should have a picture of that lady on a sign ,so she can cross the road on the interstate

Picture of Dmitry33 achievements


11. Dmitry 1 year ago

Fake! This is a practical joke, stupidity like that just doesn't exist in the real world, not even in America... sorry to ruin your Ameri-phobia wet dream.

Picture of Unknown21 achievements


12. Unknown 1 year ago

This can not be serious. It's a joke! :D

Picture of blue_alien40 achievements


13. blue_alien 1 year ago

#11 I'm not gonna talk, they will:
(sorry, I didn't find the Snotr-link for the last one)

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


14. kekke2000 1 year ago

1:04 Are you.... kidding?....

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


15. irishgek 1 year ago

#13 Come on like , ? has to be the best

Picture of fixento231 achievements


16. fixento2 1 year ago

A box of rocks comes into mind.

Picture of m_otreborv38 achievements


17. m_otreborv 1 year ago

As the Sign said:

DEER Crossing... They taught the deer where to cross and that sign was placed on that particular area that deer are expected to cross. And those deer who crossed the streets without the sign can be ticketed by " Jaywalking "... HoHoHo

Picture of havix139 achievements


18. havix1 1 year ago

If any one knows this caller. Let her see this posting and read the comments, I would love to see OR HEAR her next call.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


19. sux2bu 1 year ago

#18 Here is her second call to the radio station.......
She was embarrassed.

Picture of Gondy1037 achievements


20. Gondy10 1 year ago

They should put sign like: "Deers Not allowed to cross! Fine $1000.00"
That will solve the problem.. :x

Picture of alga18 achievements


21. alga 1 year ago

She is right!

Deers are smart! At least smarter than she:)

Picture of sfry51332 achievements


22. sfry513 1 year ago

I couldn't believe this when I heard it on the radio, then I really couldn't believe it when I found out the person is from the same area as me

Picture of drsilver24 achievements


23. drsilver 1 year ago

Oh Dear!

She is 'bucking' stupid.

They should tell her that the fish already cross at the school crossing signs.

Picture of fugitivegoose36 achievements


24. fugitivegoose 1 year ago

How has she survived this long...

Picture of YoArgentino34 achievements


25. YoArgentino 1 year ago

I'm confused. Why didn't they move the deer crosing sign? ;)