Chinese Farmer Builds His Own Wind-powered E-car

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Picture of zaltysss39 achievements


1. zaltysss 1 year ago

its nice to see all these great ideas, but we all know whats going to happen.
if car isn't running on fuel it won't be running, cause the oil companies won't let that happen any time soon.

Picture of jeffreybenoit1626 achievements


2. jeffreybenoit16 1 year ago

Judging by the music this is a joke video, you can't get something from nothing, take the fan off and make it more aerodynamic, you would probably save more energy than made from that fan.

Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


3. TitvsCaivs 1 year ago

#2 You are very right, this video shouldn't be a news report, it just shows that news sucks.

Picture of stonedecroze28 achievements


4. stonedecroze 1 year ago

Have to agree with #2.

Picture of sartre32 achievements


5. sartre 1 year ago

This car not only violates rules of thermodynamics, but also aesthetics.

Picture of thundercash42 achievements


6. thundercash 1 year ago

#2 #3 #4 #5 Build a better car if you can!
until then - SHUT the F UP!

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


7. moskwiz 1 year ago

Well, it definitely is not a self-sustainable design, granted.. but the amount of electricity that's gained from the turbine still decreases overall energy consumption, even if only for a small margin.

Picture of nemmie29 achievements


8. nemmie 1 year ago

#6 Well remove the turbine in front and it would be a better car.

It's basic physics, that wind turbine increases the drag ( = energy consumption) more than what you gain at the generator in terms of energy.

Picture of Cyrille34 achievements


9. Cyrille 1 year ago

#6 It's not about "building a better car", it's about building something that follows the laws of physics.

This car is some kind of perpetual motion machine: utopia !

Picture of ataneg20 achievements


10. ataneg 1 year ago

#6 google HHO or Oxyhydrogen and enjoy a lot of people who have "Discovered" a new very useful way of optimizing efficiency(for cars and not only) and read all the s..t about the oil companies stopping them from making bringing this miracle to the world... until then you STF Up and go to school ...

Picture of gcleffff29 achievements


11. gcleffff 1 year ago

atleast he found a way to make a car without polluting the earth, you what have you done to decrease earth pollution? none i guess and yetwe still contribute on polluting the earth.

good job chinese guy. dont mind those fools who criticize your work as long as your happy and not doing any harm to others just go with it.

Picture of Cermit24 achievements


12. Cermit 1 year ago

#6, #11 Totally agree with you!
He made it for around 1600$, no other pollution free car is that cheap

Picture of Unknown37 achievements


13. Unknown 1 year ago

#2 I agree.
The energy created is equal the energy lost.
Even more energy is lost when the fan is not running. He would have to drive downhill all day to get a energy plus.
If he would just use a solarpanel as a roof then he would be really generating energy.
Even when he parks his car the battery would be loading.

Is this a Onion news report?
Or news for the brain-dead?

Picture of Cermit24 achievements


14. Cermit 1 year ago

#13 it's from Sky News

Picture of CaptainConcrete14 achievements


15. CaptainConcrete 1 year ago

What an imbecile.
How about this for an added 'energy-saving' touch?
He could mount a mast and sail in the middle of the car and then, with the electricity generated by the front fan, he could power another fan at the back of the car, blowing air into the sail and propelling the car forward.

Picture of YoArgentino34 achievements


16. YoArgentino 1 year ago

#15, that's the spirit! Blow your own sail!
#1, I totally agree, oil companies won't let that happen.
#2, you are not understanding. It's about politics, who cares about "laws of physics". It is preferable to break the laws of physics than pollute the air.
#12 YES. It is cheap. It is clean. That's all that matters. Only conspirators ask about if it actually work.
Who cares if it works! I'm sure it would sell well.