An engineer's guide to cats

Two professional engineers illustrate the proper care and practical benefits of cats.

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33 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of palmac2 achievements


1. palmac 6 years ago

Professionally done and entertaining. Thanks

Picture of Trip1of33 achievements


2. Trip1of3 6 years ago

Very good. Makes me want to get a cat. :)

Picture of Egi-RaZoRZ4 achievements


3. Egi-RaZoRZ 6 years ago

LOLOLOLOL!! Very well done from beginning to end!
Mille bravos, good job!

Picture of alanmood1 achievements


4. alanmood 6 years ago

you gotta love cats

Picture of Upriser3851 achievements


5. Upriser385 6 years ago

:D hahaha nice vid :D

Picture of Noobeater26 achievements


6. Noobeater 6 years ago

Great video!. I have two cats

Picture of AverX19 achievements


7. AverX 6 years ago

LoL at the cat yodeling :D

Picture of tatti6926 achievements


8. tatti69 6 years ago

Very nice George Clooney and Robert Kubica!

Picture of digiD18 achievements


9. digiD 6 years ago

Good work indeed!! 8-)

Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements


10. jamesmelbaustral 6 years ago


Picture of brokholy16 achievements


11. brokholy 6 years ago

Good job :)

Picture of debrariley2 achievements


12. debrariley 6 years ago

This is too funny. Thanks for sharing it :)

Picture of TeeZee12 achievements


13. TeeZee 6 years ago

This is a peek in to what engineers do on the weekend when they are bored.

Picture of zaazaazoooo1 achievements


14. zaazaazoooo 6 years ago

X 10000000000
ty ty ty

Picture of Detri4 achievements


15. Detri 6 years ago

well done.... well done. ;)

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


16. BombDiggady 6 years ago

Very good movie!!! :D
I need to try the cat yodeling with my felines also. :)

Picture of addleman1 achievements


17. addleman 6 years ago

Great movie!!!! As I am married to an engineer and also have 4 cats, I found this video especially endearing and funny!

Picture of catsailr2 achievements


18. catsailr 6 years ago

Good video. I'm a professional engineer and have 2 cats.

Picture of GAM1 achievements


19. GAM 6 years ago

You guys are professional cat owners! Paul, I would like to marry you.

Picture of DiBi_012 achievements


20. DiBi_01 6 years ago

Yeah! I'm an engineer too here in germany and I also have two cats!

Very nice video and I must try to train our two fured fellows the yodelling thing, too! *lol*

Picture of maven1016 achievements


21. maven101 6 years ago

GREAT VIDEO !!!! Very well my daughter would say " Tuna Terrific "....her highest compliment...we are thinking about adopting a third cat but the sandbox chore has its limits. :D

Picture of Barbmiami1 achievements


22. Barbmiami 6 years ago

A million laughs and real truth in advertising! Love those cats. Barbmiami

Picture of retireelane2 achievements


23. retireelane 6 years ago

As a cat person and retired Engineer, I can see that you know your cats!
I have shared this with many like-minded people and their cats.

Picture of oh2bwilde1 achievements


24. oh2bwilde 6 years ago

hahahaha i love the corporal cuddling as discipline, so cute :)

Picture of jenarmywife17 achievements


25. jenarmywife 6 years ago

ROFL I was laughing so hard I was crying!! :'( :D :D

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


26. MsZoomy 6 years ago

well done video by a couple of seemingly nice nerds who love their cats...................2 thumbs up!!!

but I still hate cats

Picture of Donnie35 achievements


27. Donnie3 6 years ago

Nice job guys! Thanks for sharing it with us...

Picture of ShameAndBlame15 achievements


28. ShameAndBlame 6 years ago

I wanna do the cat-yodeling, but my cat doesn't make any sounds!

Picture of VeroLynne2 achievements


29. VeroLynne 6 years ago

This isn't just "good," folks -- this is brilliant. Guys, you know your cats, although you may be more adorable than they are. close call. I have used corporal cuddling to excellent effect [on cats and engineers], alhtough your subjects yodeling far exceeds my Maggie's. The Ginger artwork is reminiscent of kitties gone by - I am glad to see their legacy lives on [as are the cardboard companies around the world]. My Maggie cat prefers couch-fiber macrame, however, but her free-form expressionism in mixed-media yorking is hard to beat.

'snot bad, for engineers! truly ROFL, tear-producing fun.

Picture of catsnbeads2 achievements


30. catsnbeads 6 years ago

Love it! :D My sister and I are now down to 7 cats, so you know people call us names that aren't too pleasant. The cats, however are more entertaining than people who call others names.

We occasionally perform some corporal cuddling, but have never tried the yodeling thing. I was reminded of bag pipes more than yodeling when watching your performance, although, strictly speaking, it isn't the same as bagpiping,either ;). I will definitely be passing this link on to others!

Picture of rduggan32 achievements


31. rduggan3 4 years ago

Hilarious!!! I am surprised it included no mention of "kitty wrestling" which we do from time to time at our house. Simply hold the cat close to your body while you roll back and forth across the floor as if in a wrestling match. The cat's eyes will get very big as it wonders,"What on earth is going on here?" The cat is unharmed, of course, and the entertainment value for humans is great! After all, without the entertainment factor, what good would cats be?

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


32. Hellion1982 4 years ago

The Disclamer at the end made me LOL!

Picture of MrJaKoSe28 achievements


33. MrJaKoSe 3 years ago

I am more the dog type ;P