The Internet in 1994

This is how beautiful the Internet was in 1994. Don't forget to turn off images while browsing to lower your phone bill ;)

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Picture of andrew5 achievements


1. andrew 7 years ago

Wow! That was awesome :D

Picture of noname3 achievements


2. noname 7 years ago

1994, Look at all them text and tiny pictures :O
2004, Look at all them pictures. Oh! They are moving! ;)
2007, Look at all them moving pictures. Wow! You can interact with em! :D
2017, Look at all them interactive picture. Hey! It pop out of the screen! >:) (imagine it yourselves :p)

Picture of fjgamer6 achievements


3. fjgamer 7 years ago

In 1994, things looked very plain, but your phone bill wasn't affected by images. You did have bandwidth limits, but dial-up speeds didn't give you an easy way to waste that bandwidth.

Oh and I don't really recognize that browser. If I want to turn off images, I can use a text only browser. That's the big thing those days, you know....

Picture of anindya4 achievements


4. anindya 7 years ago

2017, The color and resolution can improve. Maybe they can make it look really real. Maybe they can make the pixels so small that you can only see them using a microscope. But it will never pop out of the screen. Thats for sure. :D

Picture of HeniuriSaito4 achievements


5. HeniuriSaito 7 years ago

Well, you can say that after they began to do business by porn and all D:<

ALso, the can make you THINK it'll pop out the screen, by using a "micro" layer that is so thin you can't see at all and use that as a small .... ..... Thing to see... I forgot the word.... A small plastic thingie with nanochips and all so it would be a off-screen... There is already a keyboard that does something like that and shows the keys and all, so it'll not be that hard... Many other thigns too, but it won't be truly off-screen. :(

Picture of expat281 achievements


6. expat28 7 years ago

That was the first commercial graphical browser called Mosaic. Invented by the boys at University of Illinois that went on to create their own company (with Jum Barksdale's money) called Mosaic Communications and then later renames Netscape.

Ah, those were the good old days of gray backgrounds, blue hyperlinks and making web sites with vi or notepad. The best early web site? The excitement of watching the current level of coffee in a pot at some coffee house in England.

Picture of doug4 achievements


7. doug 7 years ago

I remember that coffee pot, and Mosaic, for that matter.

In those days I still used to dial direct into BBSs, though.

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


9. Aliquantulus 6 years ago

If this is an add for the Internet, does that mean that the Internet has an owner?
Whoever own Internet must really leet, I bet the end guy is pretty hard to beat..

Picture of theKonstapeln5 achievements


10. theKonstapeln 6 years ago

i love the voice. haha

Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements


11. yuriythebest 6 years ago

anindya - I already have special glasses with which things pop out of the screen

Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements


12. angrytattedguy 5 years ago

Hahahah thats back when people were stupid.

Picture of montypython30 achievements


13. montypython 4 years ago

All Thanks to Al Gore, the man that "claims" to have "invented" the internet . . . :S

Picture of wisla23 achievements


14. wisla 3 years ago

i want to be internet user when i grow up