The living camera

An interesting documentary about Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic man who can make extremely realistic drawings of things he has only seen once.

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Picture of tristin9316 achievements


1. tristin93 6 years ago


Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


2. DarkiKun 6 years ago

that's amazing!

Picture of mrcina004 achievements


3. mrcina00 6 years ago

this man is father of artist :D AMAZING work

Picture of Patriot7 achievements


4. Patriot 6 years ago

yeah well i can colour in a square, you dont see my bragging LOL that guy is crazy

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


5. BombDiggady 6 years ago

I guess that the term "photographic memory" really does apply to him.

Picture of boxdelux13 achievements


6. boxdelux 6 years ago

yeh well 'Pratriot' thats a guy who could earn more in a week than you could in a year simply cant take it when you see somebody do good...cos you probably never have...but all aside that guys a genius and will probably be remembered long after he {and you} are gone what a piece of art...I'd ;) like to see more of his art...that was outstanding.

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


7. Aliquantulus 6 years ago

If he got his own helicopter and Adobe Photoshop, Google Earth would be in serious trouble.. >:)

Picture of dave919144 achievements


8. dave9191 6 years ago


Picture of TheTiggley3 achievements


9. TheTiggley 6 years ago

Wow.. that was just amazing... wow.

Picture of Kosmology5 achievements


10. Kosmology 6 years ago

Aliquantulus! so true so true...
Lol he even added the busses and cars, I've seen an autistic person draw a building by memory but a whole city... And people say superheros don't exist!!!!

:(|) :(|)

Picture of icekepal1 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment icekepal 6 years ago

the power of human mind that was created by Allah

Picture of Noureddin5 achievements


12. Noureddin 6 years ago

@Icekpal: I agree.

@Everyone: Pretty amazing stuff. Another proof that we didn't come from some stupid Big Bang. There is a god. And he is all powerful.

Picture of chisty6 achievements


13. chisty 6 years ago

Noureddin - Exactly what does god have to do with someone having incredible talent?

That said - WOAH! I was blown away by the detail Stephen was able to retain. I mean, he was in a helicopter for 45mins above a city he had never been to. Incredible.

Picture of emjaysea8 achievements


14. emjaysea 6 years ago

There is no logical way to prove the existence of a god, therefore this can't be "proof" that there is one.

That said - guys like Stephen make me wonder what the rest of us are doing with our brains!

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


15. nooitaf (admin) 6 years ago

i am stunned !!! ... give that guy more time and more helicopter flights ! :D

Picture of Verkins3 achievements


16. Verkins 6 years ago

#14: "That said - guys like Stephen make me wonder what the rest of us are doing with our brains!"

I don't know, maybe something like having a LIFE?

Picture of ehole4 achievements


17. ehole 6 years ago


Picture of Hellblazer11210 achievements


18. Hellblazer112 6 years ago

Gotta agree. as for his mistake on the pantheon, I think, THINK, that its the steps near the bottom of the dome which he left out.

Picture of AMERICANandPROUD5 achievements


19. AMERICANandPROUD 6 years ago

This guy has an amazing ability! :D Gotta agree with icekepal and noureddin, except, of course, it was the great God Jehovah [ ????? ] who created us and gives us every good and perfect gift. (I didn't bring God into this, they did. I just wanted to give praise to our creator since they started it... ;) )

Picture of AMERICANandPROUD5 achievements


20. AMERICANandPROUD 6 years ago

In reference to my comment in number 19, the question marks are the Hebrew spelling of Jehovah, but I guess Snotr's comment boxes can't recognize them.

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


21. MsZoomy 6 years ago

you morons ruined a perfectly good video and posts by bringing god by whatever name you want to call her into, go to the I love Jesus website or something but keep your religious comments to yourself

Picture of Nightvision1 achievements


22. Nightvision 6 years ago

I cant believe that great capability!

Picture of Noureddin5 achievements


23. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Noureddin 6 years ago

"This guy has an amazing ability! :D Gotta agree with icekepal and noureddin, except, of course, it was the great God Jehovah [ ????? ] who created us and gives us every good and perfect gift. (I didn't bring God into this, they did. I just wanted to give praise to our creator since they started it... ;) )" -AmericanAndProud

First off, I don't mind jews. So, I won't say anything. But, Just say "God" or "Allah" Both mean the same. Allah is arabic for god so doesn't matter which way you say it.

And to the moron called: MsZoomy

"What name you want to call HER into"

omfg... I'm not a good example for muslims so don't say all muslim believe everything I say but... God is not human. God is not a HE OR A SHE... But if he was human it would a SHE. Enough with the feminist bullshit. I'm sick of people saying: "Jesus was black!" "God is a woman" "No! God is a woman"

God made what this guy into what he is. He gave him the power he has now. I'm also SICK OF ATHEISTS... Go to hell. Literally.

Here's the thing. God is not a human and he no gender. If there was a god it would be a guy. This is plain facts. I will be flamed with fags and feminist losers but hey... What can you do about it.

Jesus IS NOT god nor god son. The son of god came from the Egyptians when christian(I'm not sure if Christians were alive back then but it was the) crusades came to Egypt also... Rome was influenced by the Egyptians aswell. They got SON of god from the Egyptian's SUN GOD... SUN... SON... Simple. Thats also why sometimes at church jesus has a sun behide him.

This Sun god and son of god stuff is actually very true and aswell ... proven... I think they had it history channel recently or will have it.

Nonetheless... Enough of this god stuff cause I doubt there any people that have a religion(And satanism/Atheism does not count ...sorry. its just true)and if they do have one they don't study it... snotr fails when it comes to community...

Picture of Thor_133720 achievements


24. Thor_1337 6 years ago

So nasa can fly to other planets and it's seems like they bring a creature to earth :D amazing!

Picture of Petralala22 achievements


25. Petralala 5 years ago

Trust a bunch of tards to turn a nice video into a discussion about something completely not related...

Amazing memory 8-)

Picture of Steelhunky23 achievements


26. Steelhunky 5 years ago

Wonderful gift from God

Picture of ismashy32 achievements


27. ismashy 4 years ago


Picture of iShine29 achievements


28. iShine 4 years ago

truly amazing the mind is!!! (and btw god had nothing to do with it)

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


29. Hellion1982 4 years ago

Wow. Steve -:Deserves:- to be Applauded for his Art.

P.S. Noureddin, yore a dick. Such a long comment, & not even worth the effort.

Picture of Thesource5 achievements


30. Thesource 2 years ago

God gave him a gift!