Crystal ball skills

Check his fluid movements!

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Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements


1. yuriythebest 6 years ago

wow! he was able to keep me entertained for 5 mins using but a crystal ball. Amazing!

Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements


2. cannnobaL 6 years ago

He's good.
Does he some sort of grease ?

Picture of BigBang31 achievements


3. BigBang 6 years ago

Based on what he's doing at around 1:15, I don't think this might be a light-wight glass orb filled with helium.
A helium-filled orb would simply drift away.

Picture of Tjennosz1 achievements


4. Tjennosz 6 years ago


Dude, this is called Contact Juggling, you cant do that kind of stuff with a lightweigt ball

Picture of yajirou36 achievements


5. yajirou 6 years ago

Yet another grazy japanese :P

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


6. nooitaf (admin) 6 years ago

lol ... pure glass ... pure skill

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


7. BombDiggady 6 years ago

I literally saw through his act!
(glass ball)

Picture of chisty6 achievements


8. chisty 6 years ago

A beautiful, entrancing piece of performance art. He actually kept my attention for the whole vid. It was kind of dreamy to watch. Nice. :)

Does anyone remember seeing a short sequence like this (but no where near as cool) in the movie The Labyrinth?

Picture of mikeypr4 achievements


9. mikeypr 6 years ago

I do chisty,

It was David Bowie, but I agree not as cool as this guy.


Picture of Petra12 achievements


10. Petra 6 years ago

Wow. That was an amazing vid. I agree with Chisty -- quite dreamy.

Picture of Erostle511 achievements


11. Erostle5 6 years ago

lol I was just about to say David Bowie in Labyrinth...thank god I'm not alone :)

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


12. nooitaf (admin) 6 years ago

the reason you think its floating is because he is making a move where you should expect is to fall (like the hand above) .. actually he is holding the ball with his thumb .. his hand looks realxed but it isnt..
everytime his hand is under the ball it just lays on there .. everytime his hands are above he is holding it with his hands (squeeze grab) .. he knows a lot of ways to hold it and he is really familiar with the gravity behaviour of his ball :)
also he is using magician tricks to let you think its floating .. like the pulling scene.. you can see him lifting his frontfingers to let the ball roll towards him .. to get it back he just tilts his arm ..
but you think he is pulling because of his other hand doin a pulling move..

and jeah .. i have seen david do it too .. :) and he sucked compared to that guy. better music too :D

Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements


13. NucleoVega 6 years ago

that was badass

Picture of matinmiah27 achievements


14. matinmiah 6 years ago

theres no trick behind the ball, its solid glass. seen a live street perfornamce once where the guy accidently dropped the ball and it shattered.

this guy is very skillful. pure talent.

Picture of iDextrose3 achievements


15. iDextrose 6 years ago

it is all slight of hand ladies and gents that is all. He is dam skilled at it as well :)

Picture of thomsi1417 achievements


16. thomsi14 6 years ago

he doing it wrong i saw a fish doing it better than him cocksuckerits was a clownfish

Picture of sleepy3 achievements


17. sleepy 6 years ago

i was expecting him to drop it any moment. but he didn't, well done.

#14, that's why he did in on the grass not on the street :P

Picture of gbtidi5 achievements


18. gbtidi 6 years ago

Most Contact Juggling balls are perspex or acrylic: it's very hard to create a perfect sphere of solid glass without wrinkles or air bubbles! Acrylic CJ balls are also somewhat hardier and more scratch resistant (important because even a slight blemish on the surface of the ball destroys the entire illusion).

David Bowie faked it in Labyrinth!
Michael Moschen, an early performer often considered the inventor of modern Contact Juggling, stood behind Bowie during filming, slipping his arms through special slits in Bowie's costumes. Because Moschen was performing blind (he couldn't see his hands!), he didn't attempt anything too extravagant. When he's performing by himself, he's truly incredible, and would blow this guy outa the water! However, top marks to this dude for effort, as well as all the practise it must've taken him!

Picture of Thor_133720 achievements


19. Thor_1337 6 years ago

I thnik that ball is made in china ;D no skill xD :D

Picture of breannasadler1 achievements


20. breannasadler 5 years ago

In the movie the Labrynth that wasn't David Bowie.
It was a handmodel.
I had the oppurtunity to play with one of those balls, they are not light and it takes FOREVER to master just one skill.

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


21. RandurSource 4 years ago

Great artist, great performance ::(|)

but I was a little distracted by the girl in the green shorts... and so was the camera at 1:12 :P

Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements


22. ridebmxx3 3 years ago

fooshigi fagggg