Safety first

This terrifying commercial played on Canadian TV as a kid. Scarred me for life.

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Picture of velana22 achievements


1. velana 87 days ago

Now i do wonder, if this was me and I have a pot of some hot oil in my hands and slip, what would actually happen in that 0.5 seconds of the fall. would my protective instincts move the pot to the side or over my head because "my brain knows" that if it hits me i will burn myself or would it happen like in the video... ?

hope i never have to find out :S

Picture of tacojuans33 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment tacojuans 87 days ago

They can still get married, it will just be in the burn ward...

Picture of Dmitry33 achievements


3. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Dmitry 87 days ago

WSIB snuff porn!

Picture of msavio00830 achievements


4. msavio008 87 days ago

Everybody knows to wait until oil cools down to move it!!!

Picture of MiniCray27 achievements


5. MiniCray 87 days ago

#4 Actually, no. :(

Picture of Saxxoo39 achievements


6. Saxxoo 87 days ago

#4 in a kitchen where speed means more than safety... which I'm sure is seen many places... she shouldn't be wearing a ring either...

Picture of nomoredavid36 achievements


7. nomoredavid 87 days ago

Why the hell is this video in the "awesome" category ??????

Picture of jackDjohnson35 achievements


8. jackDjohnson 87 days ago

Head chef my ass,.. she should be fired for making such a damn mess..hehehe.. >:) :O

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


9. loadrunner 87 days ago

I always carry the 5 gallon pans filled with hot oil below my knees.

Picture of mwak41 achievements


10. mwak 87 days ago

O M G .. really this was on TV ? That how you lead kids to buy fastfoods !
It remember some had for handicap international I saw on TV as a kid ... I'll try to post It if I find It.

Picture of torbengb30 achievements


11. torbengb 87 days ago

#1 even if you had the fast wits to realize that, you would not be able to physically react. This kind of thing happens so often, it's horrible.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


12. irishgek 87 days ago

#1 When I was 6 my mother left boiling hot sugar for candy apples on the counter top, only for a few seconds to get the sticks in the apples , not only did retard here stick his finger in it to try and tasty some "liquid" sugar as I was too stupid to think this might hurt,

Guess what my brain did next ....yea I went to the hospital screaming with a burnt mouth and a finger stuck in it.

Your brain does not always do the smartest things in emergency situations even if it knows the outcome.

That is why prevention is better than cure.

Picture of bella128 achievements


13. bella1 86 days ago

#12 hope your ok, but i got a good chuckle out of your story :)

Picture of Scotsman5031 achievements


14. Scotsman50 86 days ago

#12 lol that sounded like the Irishman went to the kitchen joke :)

Picture of ModifiedGrays19 achievements


15. ModifiedGrays 86 days ago

There is another whole series of these videos at

These videos while graphic, do really resonate with young workers that they need to be very careful when they enter the workforce.

Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements


16. CrazyEddie 86 days ago

Saw this happen exactly like that but the girl tried to push the pot away (#1's question - body doesn't move as fast as the mind)) and the oil only splashed up to her waist. One of the other blokes, closer, dropped her on her back, reached up under her (nylon) uniform and grabbed her pantyhose and ripped them off in like half a second. Docs said it saved her legs, the pantyhose would have melted into the skin, all she got was like really bad sunburn. Pushing her uniform up saved even more. We were all sworn to secrecy about seeing her flailing around on the floor in her undies.

Picture of jtoya8526 achievements


17. jtoya85 81 days ago

#12 at 6 i dont think you would have had the mental experience dealing with your situation to try and react other than crying. not saying that as an adult one would either, but you are more likely to try and prevent a catastrophe like this from happening.

i've worked in kitchens and if it has taught me anything it is that i always check the floor for anything that might not look like the tiles, or else walking in or by it could end up costing me severely.

i know this was only made as a safety ad but things like this do happen, just like #6 said, speed in a busy restaurant is preferable than safety, tho some of those retards that own and/or manage these places still expect you to do your job quickly while ALSO being safe, and sometimes it just cant be done.

Picture of Natan_el_Tigre43 achievements


18. Natan_el_Tigre 69 days ago

#12 Prevention indeed! Strange, every commercial kitchen floor I've ever seen looked like these (what's up, Canada?):