The sneakiest goal in the history of soccer

Very ingenious :D

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Picture of KristofferAG18 achievements


1. KristofferAG 6 years ago

Seen it done before, with a guy heading the ball out of the goalkeepers arm. Genious as always ^^,

Picture of wyldKard5 achievements


2. wyldKard 6 years ago

"he also stole the keepers wallet and a gold pocket watch"
that's what i call sneaky >:)

Picture of pizaac1 achievements


3. pizaac 6 years ago

Kristofferag - the goalie has to let go of the ball first, you can't knock it out of the goalie's hands like that.

but this was sweet

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


4. BombDiggady 6 years ago

The guy can't score a real goal, so he reverts to cheapness, I guess.

Picture of andyjk1029 achievements


5. andyjk10 6 years ago

that was cool, very funny as well, nice one

Picture of woggum1 achievements


6. woggum 6 years ago

KristofferAG was correct, if the goalie as the ball in one hand any player can head the ball out of the goalies hand and score...which as been done before.
Only when he as it in two hands it's not allowed.
I'm pretty sure the goal you're refering to was by Nigel Clough KristofferAG...but i could be wrong...

And it's football...not soccer :)

Picture of imapwnzu7 achievements


7. imapwnzu 6 years ago

this has happend so many times

Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements


8. cannnobaL 6 years ago

LOL. If he didn't show that little dribbling trick, it would be very cheap, but the whole idea and the entertainment side of stalking and stuff - ingenious :)

Picture of AMERICANandPROUD5 achievements


9. AMERICANandPROUD 6 years ago

#6 Woggum... it depends on where one is from whether it is football or soccer. And people say Americans are self-centered... Geez

Picture of creepylonghair25 achievements


10. creepylonghair 6 years ago

Did no-one shout "He's behind you" ?

Picture of Gestalt633 achievements


11. Gestalt63 6 years ago

The "goal" should have been disallowed, the Torquay player cautioned with a yellow card for unsporting behaviour (see Law 12 of Rules of the Game), and an indirect free-kick awarded from where he first touched the ball as it is quite obvious he was trying to gain an advantage by sneaking up on the goalkeeper. Justice was served when the home side Torquay went on to lose the game 1-2 to Stockport. As a referee myself I'm at a loss as to why the referee here didn't class this as "unsporting", but it's just that sort of behaviour it was introduced to combat. If you can embarrass an opponent using skill then fair enough. The Laws of the Game have been expanded & adapted over the years to combat the various forms of cheating etc. and at the time of this match (2 Jan 2005) "unsporting behaviour" was a valid sanction.

Just my sanctimonious twopennethworth...

Picture of paddywack2 achievements


12. paddywack 6 years ago

Wasn't George Best the first to try this against Pat Jennings back in the 70's ?

Picture of varun2 achievements


13. varun 6 years ago

:) It's all fair as long as the rules permit it. :)

Picture of cheesewire26 achievements


14. cheesewire 4 years ago

absolutely brilliant! ;)

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


15. Hellion1982 4 years ago

The Keepers Underwear also, by mysterious means, was missing by the end of the match.