Just how tough is Security Glass?

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Picture of Gondy1048 achievements


1. Gondy10 2 years ago

On that last glass test:
Test Result: The guy is already tired.. :x >:) :x >:)

Picture of andreas081638 achievements


2. andreas0816 2 years ago

In the last test the guy is hitting the glass"all over the place", while in the previous ones he was concentratimg on hitting always the same spot.

Picture of ughlah40 achievements


3. ughlah 2 years ago

For a 13mm glass thats pretty impressive. It seems like the glass is getting "harder" the more it is hit. Probably it soaks up the kinetic energy over a larger and larger area. Would be interesting to see what happens if you use a pick or a chisel to focus the energy on a smaller area.

Picture of JohnAmca25 achievements


4. JohnAmca 2 years ago

Why is changing the tools (i)

Picture of mwak47 achievements


5. mwak 2 years ago

This guy has a cool job indeed :P

Picture of perpetual18 achievements


6. perpetual 2 years ago

I prefer hammer with diamond spike

Picture of Tarc37 achievements


7. Tarc 2 years ago

Nice indeed, but come on, why start with a crowbar and other small tools.

He has already spent half a minute before bringing on the same huge hammer.
Now, afterwards it's still very impressive. But it seemed like unnecessary exaggaration beforehand.

Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements


8. WildMonkey 2 years ago

Also note that when using the sledgehammer in previous examples they were fast hard straight hits, but in the last one you see the head hitting it sideways as if he loosens his grip before impact to minimize damage.

Picture of loadrunner54 achievements


9. loadrunner 2 years ago

I wonder how it reacts to the blowtorch and water test.

Picture of smacky29 achievements


10. smacky 2 years ago

But will it blend?

Picture of etplayer34 achievements


11. etplayer 2 years ago

Glass only has to last long enough for me to grab the shotgun, I'd say the 11.5mm Anti-vandal would work just fine. Yeah...go ahead and stick your hand through there buddy.....

Picture of sux2bu66 achievements


12. sux2bu 2 years ago

#11 You have to remember that people in most countries do not have the
right to own a shotgun ,or even a BB gun in most cases.
BTW Do you prefer 12ga. or 10ga.? :D

Picture of SquidCap18 achievements


13. SquidCap 2 years ago

Was about to just write "you don't use a hammer on anti-theft glass, you use an axe" when they brought the axe.. But.. That is one weak ass axe.. Most plastic laminated glasses can't stand both blunt and sharp so you start with one and finish with other.. All thou i'm pretty sure that a real axe instead of camper version would've still went thru. But laminated is anyway gonna take some time and cause lots of noise, if you have ever tried to smash such a glass in 3AM.. Well, let's just say you can hear the echoes bouncing from kilometer away and each echo will cause more hesitation until you are ready to crap your pants.. There is no such thing as burglar proof, all it takes is more time.

Picture of night3645913 achievements


14. night36459 2 years ago

#1, it's a video. You don't know how much time he took in between takes. Each time there's a new glass. That takes time to replace. He can be resting then.

#2, In the previous videos he was able to make a hole easy. So he continued in the same spot. In the last one he wasn't getting the same result so he hit the glass in multiple places. Had the crowbar started to make a hole I'm sure he would've continued like the rest.

#7, if you look at the thickness of the last glass it was only 13mm. He was using the sledgehammer on the glass that was much thicker. The first few ones that weren't thick he used a hammer. So why start off with a sledge for 13mm?

#11, The guy puts his hand through to show he can reach in and unlock the door. Do you think most criminals are going to stand there while someone is standing with a gun and still stick their hand in. And besides these safety glasses are mostly used in businesses. To prevent people from breaking in at night.

#13, All it takes is more time, eh? Because that's what a criminal is thinking. If only I had an hour or two I could break in. The more time exposed the greater chance of getting caught. All the glass has to do is withstand the attacks until the police show up. More time is a criminals worst enemy.

Where do some of you get your reasoning?

Picture of Sin_iZ37 achievements


15. Sin_iZ 2 years ago

The best gym ever :D

Picture of drsilver30 achievements


16. drsilver 2 years ago

They should make a whole car out of this. Wouldn't a clear car be cool?