British aircraft marshalling

A comparison of aircraft marshalling in several countries, including the UK :)

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Picture of frischbrot12 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment frischbrot1 6 years ago

this is so far away from being funny..................
it only looks gay .....WAIT! The british ARE gay. :D

Picture of Robjeknor25 achievements


2. Robjeknor 6 years ago

That 118 guy is realy in short of attantion.

Picture of DrPing38 achievements


3. DrPing 6 years ago


equilibrium2x = lamest

Picture of NMY20 achievements


4. NMY 6 years ago

this vid made my day = snotr does it :D

Picture of rufinus35 achievements


5. rufinus 6 years ago

what you have again a men enjoying his work :)

when Chris Tucker can dance while guide the traffic, why cant he... oh right expensive airplans :-)

Picture of Tareim46 achievements


6. Tareim (admin) 6 years ago

#1 you really need to get a sense of humour, and its far from being gay, its just having fun and a laugh while working.

Picture of Paul196825 achievements


7. Paul1968 6 years ago

got to agree totally with #6
and as an Englishman i find #1 comment a bit offensive so #1 do me a favour please mate...... pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow :*

Picture of ivats32 achievements


8. ivats 6 years ago

It's awesome. :D
By the way,why behind the 118 gay is german tornado-s.

Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements


9. AL7AIR 6 years ago

#8 They also were behind the Spanish marshal (0:25) so my guess is that this was filmed at an Air Show ... you wouldn't get away with that "style" while on duty.

Picture of senate10 achievements


10. senate 6 years ago

#1....your sir are correct. sir are a puckered starfish lover.

Picture of fashanu23 achievements


11. fashanu 6 years ago

haha number #number 1 #number 10 you sir's are idiots. as for #number 6 and #number 7 your both right. its fookin hilarious. english do it again haha.

Picture of zeph29 achievements


12. zeph 6 years ago

wow #10 great insult you know, i really think you'll make him change his ways by saying something like that. Youre as much of a dickhead as #1. What sort of name is that ... frischbrot1. Sounds like some Dutch washing detergent company.

Picture of Marduk8 achievements


13. Marduk 6 years ago

wow, I think #1 is correct. The rest of you, I hope you realize that "gay" also means "happy" in the english dictionary. Just change the "gay" in the #1 comment to "happy" and it all makes sense :)
Although I didnt find the clip being funny. Entertaining? yes of course.

Picture of X16503 achievements


14. X1650 6 years ago

hahahaha >:)

Picture of X16503 achievements


15. X1650 6 years ago

the best is (3:09)

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


16. makbeth 6 years ago

3.45 onward is an advert for directory inquiries.

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


17. MsZoomy 6 years ago

Very entertaining!! almost as much as reading ya'lls comments!! at least no one said "First" LOL

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


18. BombDiggady 6 years ago

Too much crumpets and tea.

Picture of Falcon9x58 achievements


19. Falcon9x5 6 years ago

That guy is a legend.

Picture of JerryD14 achievements


20. JerryD 6 years ago

Soooo!?!? #13? You mean that #1 is saying "it only looks happy .....WAIT! The british ARE happy." Hmmm!? Sounds very-very ... eeeeh? Lame?
And for #7 ... think ur wrong - shouldn't pull his underlip over his head etc. Looks more like #1 and #10 are made for each other - maybe having a date and stuff their heads in each others....!? Darn!!! Sorry 'bout dat! Bad style to come up with such language - I'm terrible ashamed of myself!!!!! >:) >:) >:)

Picture of Bankzy1089 achievements


21. Bankzy108 6 years ago

True brits having fun at work ;)

Y-M-C-A....Whooooooo :D

Picture of hullamann6 achievements


22. hullamann 6 years ago

this guy is amazing - in fact he has the guts to perform such funny stuf in the military .. in the german military he would have been aressetd asap.

agree @'20 !!!! :D

we´re all gay people i hope :D

Picture of sealand22 achievements


23. sealand 6 years ago

Mr Number1, scene of humour!?! Love it!

Picture of tomas42 achievements


24. tomas 6 years ago

Brilliant, HILARIOUS!!1 :D

Picture of Rabb723 achievements


25. Rabb72 6 years ago

#21 eggzakly,,, :) :) :)

Picture of I-FLY-337s1 achievements


26. I-FLY-337s 4 years ago

There's the Brits, then there's the rest.

Big Johnny "T"

Picture of joeman60 achievements


27. joeman 3 years ago

Just awesome poster!