Fresh Octopus

That is really fresh (yuck!).

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Picture of zevvv15 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment zevvv 6 years ago

So, what's so special about that ? In Holland we eat live fish (haring), but we don't cut it to pieces like this first.

Picture of Blaine16 achievements


2. Blaine 6 years ago

In Holland you smoke weed legally, and you see nothing special about it. You see, some things are not so common in different countries, it doesn't mean it's good or bad, just interesting.

Picture of dvh35 achievements


3. dvh 6 years ago

Actually, If you cut the freshwater Carp fish (Cyprinus carpio) and put it into fridge (but not freeze it), the next day when you put it out and wait a while to get it to room temperature, you will see little moves on that cutted areas. Barelly visible but they are there!

Picture of t_girl20 achievements


4. t_girl 6 years ago

:( like worms! puajj..

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


5. MsZoomy 6 years ago

eewwww gross!!

Picture of liqxpil8 achievements


6. liqxpil 6 years ago


Picture of ruhk30 achievements


7. ruhk 6 years ago

That is very unique. I enjoy calimari, and octopus but i dont believe i could eat them quite that fresh.

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


8. patriotaus 6 years ago

i couldnt eat something moving

Picture of chance25 achievements


9. chance 6 years ago


Picture of Cmon17 achievements


10. Cmon 6 years ago

My Dinner Always looks a bit like that...The moving part i mean :D

Picture of Soetje10 achievements


11. Soetje 6 years ago

It would keep a boring date interesting :D

Picture of jwn11 achievements


12. jwn 6 years ago

You're all barbaric.

Picture of whiteleon19 achievements


13. whiteleon 6 years ago

I love very much Japan.
But i hate japanees for 2 reasons.
Their faces never blush
They like eating animals while they are alive.
ooooh my Lord really DISGUSTING. :( ....

Picture of lacroupade17 achievements


14. lacroupade 6 years ago

that is some seriously fucked up shit right there.... :(|) :(|)

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


15. nooitaf (admin) 6 years ago

sorry but i have never seen anybody eating a living "haring" in the netherlands .. wtf?!? .. maybe if you sit on a boat but at all the other fish sellers sell DEAD haring .. sry.. but weed is still legal ;)

the octopus was really fresh :D its like you could still hear the echo of the blade >:)

i.e. birds and actually all other animals eat other animals alive, and thats not disgusting? try to teach them otherwise :D

Picture of adipall17 achievements


16. adipall 6 years ago

animals still need respect whether food or not .asia will eat anything .
if someone told them dogshit was a cure for impotence buy the way it is .they would eat it farm it hunt it .consume the hell out of it .
baby whale's are the main cause of pinile disfunction in all men.

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


17. BombDiggady 6 years ago

Taste like chicken.

Picture of Mangaroth2 achievements


18. Mangaroth 6 years ago

Weed is not legal in holland.. its just de-criminalised.

Picture of grizzlykiller216 achievements


19. grizzlykiller2 6 years ago

Eww Grose >:)

Picture of MiMe51 achievements


20. MiMe 6 years ago

ok, I eat very small squids when they are still alive :P so it's nothing special about this :(|)

Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements


21. AL7AIR 6 years ago

Torgud gagh, only good when it's moving >:)

Picture of Blasterjk9 achievements


22. Blasterjk 6 years ago

I look forward to you getting some odd disease and spreading it quickly through out the gazillion neighbors you have in Asia simply because you were either too fucking stupid or too lazy to cook your shit before you eat it.

Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements


23. Masutakusu 5 years ago

The octopus is already dead, and is only moving on reflex. Which is why the tentacles wiggle after being cut off.

Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements


24. Masutakusu 5 years ago

Oh, and, on a side note,


It's called steaming.

Picture of buckleg0837 achievements


25. buckleg08 4 years ago

not on my palate... :D

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


26. Hellion1982 3 years ago

Doesn't this count as Animal Cruelty? Chopping up & cooking an Octopus before it's even dead is just plain cruel.

Picture of wisla23 achievements


27. wisla 3 years ago

looks like alive vomit