Insane skateboarding skills

Rodney Mullen shows some of his skills. See also this and this video.

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Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


3. ZaMpTi 5 years ago

old but still good :>

Picture of SuperDave12 achievements


4. SuperDave 5 years ago

I remember 5 years ago when a good friend o' mine wanted to show me this video and i said "gtfo with your old-ass vid"

Picture of zf140 achievements


5. zf1 5 years ago

old to you, new to me.... that was the sickest skateboarding i had ever seen :D

Picture of martynbiker21 achievements


6. martynbiker 5 years ago

#1 and #4
Can you do better? Jealousy is a terrible thing.
I think Rod M Rocks..... he shows more personality and Individuality in his Skating than most.... Cool Vid.

Picture of NMY20 achievements


7. NMY 5 years ago

i think snotr already posted it :-/

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


8. BombDiggady 5 years ago

This guy is gonna realize in a couple of years that he has completely wasted his life.

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


9. Fergus_Thedog 5 years ago

Utterly awesome skills. And #8 - when do you think that will happen? When he is kicking back counting his sponsorship dollars? When he is on promotional tours talking to his legions of adoring fans? Or perhaps every time he walks down the hallway of his huge house and passes the biomedical engineering degree he got from the University of Florida? Yeah, what a wasted life. Pfft.

Picture of defade30 achievements


10. defade 5 years ago

Wow, serious hate going on here. Yes it is old, but I was happy to watch it again. And #9 > #8 .

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


11. DarkiKun 5 years ago

old or not, i had never seen it before, i don't know why people complain about videos being old honestly, they aren't on snotr and that's what matters

Picture of mikesufc22 achievements


12. mikesufc 5 years ago

lol, #8 should have researched that one a little bit.

I have never cared tooo much for skateboarding (loved the tony hawk games, this vid was on one of those) but Rodney Mullen seems to have a very unique style which is awesome to watch!

Picture of leviathan8 achievements


13. leviathan 5 years ago

So stupid answer #6 ^^ it's not because you can't do it that you can't express yourselve about it man

If we follow your lead we can just shut our mouth and eventually say :


... lame.

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


14. MsZoomy 5 years ago

#(removed comment) LMAO you took the words right outa my mouth!!
Great skills, new to me, so phooey on all you other lame nerds that spend to much time on your computers ;) (Like I'm one to talk)
2 :(|) :(|) Monkey Heads!!

Picture of Mix32 achievements


15. Mix 5 years ago

Another Rodney Mullen vid on Snotr... Nice ;)
I've seen them all but still inpressive.
This one is from the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, isnt it :)?

Picture of Pomlux6 achievements


16. Pomlux 5 years ago

Have seen it before but still impressed everytime :D

Picture of lacroupade17 achievements


17. lacroupade 5 years ago

waste of space. look what i can do with a wooden plank with little wheels on....are you impressed? No.

Picture of OwenRay40 achievements


18. OwenRay 5 years ago

ey I remember this from tony hawks pro skater @ the playstation 1

Picture of KristofferAG18 achievements


19. KristofferAG 5 years ago

I really can't seem to understand why everyone else would think that we care if it's old?
Skateboarding can look awesome. this is an example.
We know the vid is old, but it's impressive every time. And those who refuse to agree to that, are ignorant morons.

Picture of COLEL7 achievements


20. COLEL 5 years ago


Picture of wildfire6864 achievements


21. wildfire686 5 years ago

Hey that was the most greatest skateboarding skills i have to admit iv'e never seen anything like it that was really insane .I really want to meet rodney .He really awsome. I wish i had his skills thats the most best iv'e ever seen.

Picture of cironsilver14 achievements


22. cironsilver 4 years ago

only one god father