Insane dog

This dog has some serious malfunctions... :'(

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Picture of Billy-the-kid13 achievements


1. Billy-the-kid 5 years ago

:O What in the world is wrong with that animal?

Picture of Robjeknor25 achievements


2. Robjeknor 5 years ago

helium?? hahaha

Picture of Olivier12 achievements


3. Olivier 5 years ago


Picture of malkavian23 achievements


4. malkavian 5 years ago

Looks like something is stuck in his mouth.

Picture of AfterDune16 achievements


5. AfterDune 5 years ago


The dog seems mentally challenged or something. The way it's looking and behaving doesn't seem "normal".

Picture of supra1100017 achievements


6. supra11000 5 years ago

Wring it's fucking neck, its had a stroke or something :S

Picture of unixostamer12 achievements


7. unixostamer 5 years ago

its not funny at all :S

Picture of Zoooidberg22 achievements


8. Zoooidberg 5 years ago

#5: Really? ;)

Picture of Raksi35 achievements


9. Raksi 5 years ago

Something very spicey in its mouth? Sounds like pain whining and it's continuously licking its tongue.

Picture of gringo40 achievements


10. gringo 5 years ago

He`s like on fast-forward or something o.O

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment SpikedSilver 5 years ago

looks like somebody broke his jaw

Picture of Chingis34 achievements


12. Chingis 5 years ago

#4 Yeah it's called a tongue... ;)

Picture of alexnader38 achievements


13. Comment rated too low. Show this comment alexnader 5 years ago

would someone please put this retarded dog out of its misery, lol

Picture of Noobeater26 achievements


14. Noobeater 5 years ago

No teeth and possibly a brain infection disease

Picture of ripzone8 achievements


15. ripzone 5 years ago

What a waste of oxygen.

Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements


16. Comment rated too low. Show this comment NucleoVega 5 years ago

#13, i was about to say exactly that. verbatim.

Picture of Chucky14 achievements


17. Chucky 5 years ago

It's an audition video for the ginger one from Girls Aloud..

Picture of richardhalo20 achievements


18. Comment rated too low. Show this comment richardhalo 5 years ago

What an ugly piece of... Who in the hell could love such a....thing?

Picture of saatanaperkele9 achievements


19. saatanaperkele 5 years ago

I don't see anything funny about this. This is sad.

Picture of Xanner4 achievements


20. Xanner 5 years ago

C'mon guys !!!

There's nothing wrong with that dog.
Someone's standing in front of the dog with a treat, the dog can't reach it, so he's "crying" and "licking" (due to salivation) in the same time. Simple !

He might not be cute, but he's not retarted !

Stop thinking that everything is related to drugs...

Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements


21. _MidNight_ 5 years ago

#1 I think is possessed :))

Picture of digiD18 achievements


22. digiD 5 years ago

This is EXACTLY what happens when there is too much inbreeding in pedigree breeding.

Picture of ILMV13 achievements


23. ILMV 5 years ago

#22 Your right, inbreeding within pedigrees can cause abnormally large brain size, slightly too big for thew skull and this causes the reaction seen. It's sick.

Picture of r4v3r19 achievements


24. r4v3r 5 years ago

Is he the one who makes he voice of one of the muppets?

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


25. MsZoomy 5 years ago

mad cow disease maybe? (I'm kidding)

Picture of schrepp31 achievements


26. schrepp 5 years ago

I used to have a girlfriend like that..

Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements


27. eNdEmiOn06463 5 years ago

Wonder what it looks like when you slow down the vid.

Picture of ccarchie9 achievements


28. ccarchie 5 years ago

O:) That dog is really trying to talk!!?? Soooo funny.

Picture of Nateconq25 achievements


29. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Nateconq 5 years ago

they cut out its bark box, it can still make noise but can't bark

Picture of evilhost36919 achievements


30. Comment rated too low. Show this comment evilhost369 5 years ago

When they said don't do drugs, I don't think it's a good idea to let your dog have it. It went from funny to sorry in 0 flat.

Picture of Vendetta_Lord12 achievements


31. Vendetta_Lord 5 years ago

wow...You know this could be a good ad for why not to do crack

Picture of Izverg27 achievements


32. Izverg 5 years ago


Picture of grizzlykiller216 achievements


33. grizzlykiller2 5 years ago

Wow Dont Be Suprised If People With White Coats Come To His House!!! >:)

Picture of Dogs_Gonads28 achievements


34. Dogs_Gonads 5 years ago

#17 Brilliant :)

I think the dog has suffered a stroke at some point.

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


35. patriotaus 5 years ago

some one dropped it when it was born

Picture of rjavc24 achievements


36. rjavc 5 years ago

#32 Thx :D I laughed my ass off first time i seen it >:)

Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements


37. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Dark_Leaf 5 years ago

FUUUUUUUCK!!!! I MUST GET!!! FUUUCK THIS IS NICE xD Damn!!! Epic win dog!!! ultra ownage!!!

Picture of zf140 achievements


38. zf1 5 years ago

i feel like im talking to a bunch of 16 year old burn outs :S that dog obviously has something wrong with its tongue, probably was fed something very spicy

Picture of sulyo10 achievements


39. sulyo 5 years ago

I understand that i don't understand 99% of this comments..

For me this dog is faaar from cute.. Actually when i saw his very inteligent gaze (each eye in its own bidirectional curve) with that strange shroomlike culture at the adge of this animals hmmmmmmm?mouth?*can't remember the word*... Already this is horrible.. But when I've heared this sounds a bit better i suddently felt sick.. Its like some aliensong from hell!!!

One of the most disgusting unpleasant and anoying dog videos of my life


Picture of mokaonly14 achievements


40. mokaonly1 5 years ago

that is disgusting, that is probly someone feeding that dog drugs and laughing at it sick bastards

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


41. BombDiggady 5 years ago

I think the dog is being tempted by an of-camera treat being held by someone.

Picture of zf140 achievements


42. zf1 5 years ago

probably tempting the dog with jalapenos hidden in meatballs

Picture of bttox5 achievements


43. bttox 5 years ago

i think it just want the snack behind the cam ;)

Picture of hanbu72 achievements


44. hanbu7 5 years ago

i think it was with drugs from behind the camera

Picture of arakawa25 achievements


46. arakawa 5 years ago

he's prob. have something wrong with his mouth. Looks like he's kinda blind too. Poor one!

Picture of vitaminm15 achievements


47. vitaminm 5 years ago

i love this dog! it's so retarded, i want to give it the most expensive food

Picture of tomas42 achievements


48. tomas 5 years ago

Im sure his brain runs under windows vista.

Picture of mistermark22 achievements


49. mistermark 5 years ago

I so want this dog for christmas

Picture of MaxXL20 achievements


50. MaxXL 5 years ago

I wanna comment on this video, but everything has been said. Everything could have happened/not happened with this psychotic/normal dog :)

Picture of peterpan00724 achievements


51. peterpan007 5 years ago

Its as if his/her tongue is just floping around on the side of his mouth, I think theres three possible reasons for the poochs behaviour. And im not saying there can't bee more reasons, this is just my hypothesis. 1-the dog is actually born with some sort of disorder. 2-someone really mean gave the poor thing a habañero, and it didn't know what else to do. 3-the dog got into someones stash of cocaine he went up, his tongue went numb, seeing how coke is a antiseptic for pain because it numbs out the area it touches. So in conclusion I strongly feel guess number 3 is the right choice. But still, poor pooch..... :|

Picture of zf140 achievements


52. zf1 5 years ago

#(removed comment) good catch! but most likely a simple mistake... i assume it happened because #(removed comment) used spell check too fast :)

Picture of ChrYssbulanu13 achievements


53. ChrYssbulanu 5 years ago


Picture of Ebrius3 achievements


54. Ebrius 5 years ago

It´s a Seagull...Dog Seagull!! Very funy!

Picture of smerky4 achievements


55. smerky 5 years ago

Sounds like my wife.

Picture of zakyam4 achievements


56. zakyam 5 years ago

There is no way in the world I could keep this dog!!!! Like a 200+ year old woman whining!!!! :O

Picture of Dever4 achievements


57. Dever 5 years ago

this video is played BACKWARDS. No drugs & all that. :(|)

Picture of VoxT3R33 achievements


58. VoxT3R 5 years ago

If your one of the above sad tards who are calling this dog is abnormal, or saying it should die, or insinuated it to be unworthy of oxygen, you ought to be kicked in the head and left to rot. This dog is someones pet after all, and if you had any decency, you would stop being such hypocritical twats and acknowledge that the dog is indeed an animal and probably has more rights to be on this earth than some of you low life half baked asshats!

Instead of saying something bad about the dog, do everyone a favour and leave your damn keyboard the hell alone! :(|)

Picture of Woll24 achievements


59. Woll 5 years ago

Yeah everyone! Leave Spak-dog alone.

LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of EsquireJon1 achievements


60. EsquireJon 5 years ago

My friend Jay needs to stop injecting NOVACANE into his dog's tongue. SERIOUSLY: Just say no to doggie drugs.

Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements


61. ArmlessSoldier 5 years ago

women ;)

Picture of WgCommanderM7 achievements


62. WgCommanderM 4 years ago

This is so funny. Im PMSL

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


63. badboy007 4 years ago

give that thing some food

Picture of jojotin31 achievements


64. jojotin 3 years ago

i wonder what that dog has taken :D

Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements


65. sbrucecaboose 3 years ago

#39 i felt sick just trying to interpret your english. my goodness.