Masterpiece of driving

Awesome car, awesome driver (Ken Block).

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Picture of Robjeknor25 achievements


1. Robjeknor 5 years ago

that guy on the little vehicle.. :O

Picture of caives20 achievements


3. caives 5 years ago

Damn he is good! That must be great fun! Hellyeah!

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements


4. CorpseGrinder 5 years ago

:O :O
that guy is just amazing...the car as well
and OMG look at that turn at 2:37
holy diver i want that car^^

Picture of baby_face_q812 achievements


5. baby_face_q8 5 years ago

for real he is a good diver but this kind of cars are not available in my country :D

Picture of digiD18 achievements


6. digiD 5 years ago

I love the expression on his face at 1:50, it's kinda like 'ho-hum, another day at the office'. What a driver!!

Picture of bitzosu36 achievements


7. bitzosu 5 years ago

2:52 !!! that takes the cake for me! must have been like 1 inch away!

Picture of Nemphtis23 achievements


8. Nemphtis 5 years ago

This guy is a beast. I'm not too into cars and I don't know much about them, but this was great fun to watch. Even more entertaining than the Smart car with that racing engine video.

Picture of stan11 achievements


9. stan 5 years ago

some more here !!!! :)

Picture of Squeeb16 achievements


10. Squeeb 5 years ago

I wonder how many tries it took just to get that footage.

Picture of aladin21 achievements


11. aladin 5 years ago

looks it is very interesting and fun sport.

Picture of Smurfed18 achievements


12. Smurfed 5 years ago

That was insane skills,
He's no Stig though

Picture of rubi46 achievements


13. rubi 5 years ago

thank you very much for the link!!
i love the snow park action =)

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


14. SpikedSilver 5 years ago

hey that wall contact in 2:12 - 2:14 caused point loss right? at least in nfs:mw

Picture of tolstoy14 achievements


15. tolstoy 5 years ago

Yummy!! Love the evil engine roar. Style and skill.

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


16. MsZoomy 5 years ago

Yeah!! That was F*cking Awesome guys!! Thanks1! great driving skills, killer car, man I wish I could drive like that!!
1,000 :(|) :(|) Monkey Heads!! WhooHoo!!!

Picture of Nateconq25 achievements


17. Nateconq 5 years ago

there were a lot of times i thought he was going out of control but he always knew exactly what he was doing

Picture of Izverg27 achievements


18. Izverg 5 years ago

Frankly, this was the best driving i've ever seen. Absolutely perfect to the last inch. Great vid!

Picture of kutless42924 achievements


19. kutless429 5 years ago

What can be better than seeing a car at high speed crash?

-A car at high speed almost crashing like 20 times ;)

Picture of LittleHooker15 achievements


20. Comment rated too low. Show this comment LittleHooker 5 years ago


Picture of davidwilliams9 achievements


21. davidwilliams 5 years ago

that is some of the best course driving i think i've ever seen. ken block is just about the man when it comes to this :P

Picture of smodd23 achievements


22. smodd 5 years ago

No1 could ever kidnap that guy if hes in a car of course...impressive¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ O:)

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


23. zerorain 5 years ago

wow how much of the tires does he have left?

Picture of shimmerman10 achievements


24. shimmerman 5 years ago

THE STIG RULES!!! but who is he???

Picture of JerryD14 achievements


25. JerryD 5 years ago

#10 Your right! It's taken a lots of footage during lots of hours. You see the camera at the right rear. Sometimes its there - sometimes not. Other times its on the roof. And the sun - sometimes its high up in the sky - sometimes low. As u can see during the donut around the segway guy ... Anyway! To be able to drive like this requires skills far above even most skilled drivers. This guy is really awesome ... have doin driving like this during wet and ice, gravel and asphalt etc. So me and my friends have a list of wrecked cars behind us... thou some didn't survive their crashes :( - well!? Better safe than sorry - thou being able to handle a car during severe circumstances saves lives as well.... :D :D

Picture of mathpeak9 achievements


26. mathpeak 5 years ago

I wish I could have enough money to have a car like that. :P

Picture of montypython30 achievements


27. Comment rated too low. Show this comment montypython 5 years ago

It was done by remote control, you can see the transmitters.

Picture of wts43 achievements


28. wts 5 years ago

#27 just like you were? ( sry couldn't resist :P )

Picture of pire35 achievements


29. pire 5 years ago

ohhh he is quite in a hurry, maybe he forgot his licence at home...

Picture of Crash043 achievements


30. Crash0 5 years ago

How often does he change his tires???? :D

Picture of andyjk1029 achievements


31. andyjk10 5 years ago

hoo man i have seen one that is as hot as this one dudes somewhere on your tube some professional drifting skill man there are people who can drive

Picture of marciear197111 achievements


32. marciear1971 5 years ago


Picture of Sano_Kanong9 achievements


33. Sano_Kanong 5 years ago


one of the best video on SNOTR...



Picture of NuclearBacon1 achievements


34. NuclearBacon 5 years ago

ken block is the biggest asshole ive ever met in regards to rally. ive met him now 4 times and each time hes a short tempered jerk, and i'm ashamed to aspire to drive the same brand of car that he represents. it disgusts me that his name is now synonymous with rally america.
and a professional driver he is not. hes the owner of a shoe company that has nothing better to do then just spend all his money on training... and renting airports.... and furl and tires... ask any of his mechanics, and they'll tell you how he just uses money to replace skill. if i had millions and millions and nothing to do... i'd own a test track, and spend all day training.. and i could drive just like that...and so could you.
hes an idiot and i cant wait til he mortally wounds himself doing one of his stupid stunts. Thats what we call karma

sorry for the rant.

Picture of fashanu23 achievements


35. fashanu 5 years ago

haha well in #(removed comment)

Picture of 4tfortuna8 achievements


36. 4tfortuna 5 years ago


Picture of 4tfortuna8 achievements


37. 4tfortuna 5 years ago


Picture of TheFalloutVictim35 achievements


38. TheFalloutVictim 3 years ago

i love to see this vid again and again and again and again and... :D