Dans la tete (In the head)

Awesome French short movie :)

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Picture of tatti6928 achievements


1. tatti69 8 years ago

Thats a fucking nice shortmovie. Even better than those from Pixar.

Picture of Dark_Leaf18 achievements


2. Dark_Leaf 8 years ago

Hahahahahaha xD what is the source? :P

Picture of Smurfed18 achievements


3. Smurfed 8 years ago

Thought that was gonna be all serious but taht was joke in a wierd deathy kinda way

Picture of Napper32 achievements


4. Napper 8 years ago


Picture of marciear197111 achievements


5. marciear1971 8 years ago

Very interesting I must say :D

Picture of iannovitch2 achievements


6. iannovitch 8 years ago


Picture of Krusty11 achievements


7. Krusty 8 years ago

<a href="http://www.esma-montpellier.com/animation-galerie-en.html">Here is The link!</a>

Picture of esoteric16 achievements


8. esoteric 8 years ago

lets get more stuff like this on snotr

Picture of Chumney_Warner19 achievements


9. Chumney_Warner 8 years ago

Brilliant short film.

Hate sad endings though :(

Picture of wts43 achievements


10. wts 8 years ago

#(removed comment) I'm not going to go into argument with you cause it's no sense in doing that but have you wondered how many ppl in Pixar and how many here? Plus budget and so on? Before calling something primitive compare it to something on its level please. Primitive might be wooden sticks during stone-era-whatever...

Picture of Cheeseburger13 achievements


11. Cheeseburger 8 years ago

Poor girl...

Picture of smodd23 achievements


12. Comment rated too low. Show this comment smodd 8 years ago

Usa Dumbfucked #1 as always do you really want to represent ur nation taking action like this, then go make us all the favor and die like that guy in the video many times as possible...

Picture of Dokandre40 achievements


13. Dokandre 8 years ago

#12 wtf? whats wrong with #1? o.O unless moderator removed the comment.

anyway, the movie is GREAT! i loved it

Picture of Chingis34 achievements


14. Chingis 8 years ago

#12 Haha...

#USAnumber1. I think it's about time. u should change your Login name.. lol... i know it's nothing to do with me. BUT How about SNOTRnumber1? or DEBATERnumber1? lol :D

Picture of XtraToppings16 achievements


15. XtraToppings 8 years ago

#13, #12 was referring to "USAnumber1", not comment #1. #(removed comment), when does the angel have six fingers? By my count, he's got 5 on each hand. #1, I agree, this is pretty fantastic animation.

Picture of proairgun9 achievements


16. proairgun 8 years ago

Its absolutely wonderful (because it's made by french people O:) )

Picture of Mix32 achievements


17. Mix 8 years ago

Genius and brilliant! :)

Picture of modder8her40 achievements


18. modder8her 8 years ago

Let's argue about nationalities!
Hats off to you, USAnumber1 - Your anger disguises your ignorance as humor very well.

Picture of wts43 achievements


19. wts 8 years ago

"...into US vs Europe debates because of envy and jealousy..." <-- Now you made my day :D

Picture of wts43 achievements


20. wts 8 years ago

This is not getting fun. Whole world is wrong, you are right. Ok let it be.

Picture of zf140 achievements


21. zf1 8 years ago

#15,#(removed comment), actually, you were both correct. at 3:00 the angel holds up five fingers and one thumb when he says "line 6". you can clearly see that that is the only time he has "six fingers" and all the other times he has five fingers for example 3:05. obviously this was a joke by the script writer and not someone who cant count. lol :D

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