Imagining the Tenth Dimension

An explanation of how to imagine the 10th dimension (you can only see 3) from

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Picture of xbeakerx19 achievements


1. xbeakerx 5 years ago

pretty cool!!

:(|) :(|) :(|)

Picture of Salem36 achievements


2. Salem 5 years ago

Pretty cool indeed, but I think it will be hard to understand for ppl who aren't very good in English.

And all those sound effects are very annoying :S

I lost it after the sixth dimension haha, lost interest all of a sudden.

It's just hard to imagine ;)

Picture of CreamKreator15 achievements


3. CreamKreator 5 years ago

One of the best ways to explain other dimensions as far as i've seen yet. Simple and logical.

Picture of dave919144 achievements


4. dave9191 5 years ago

This is the easiest explanation of the ten dimensions I have ever come across. This is almost easy enough to remember to try and explain the pub. Tho I tend to loose people in the pub after the 4th.

Picture of Bankzy1089 achievements


5. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Bankzy108 5 years ago

It's cool, but the sounds are annoying - and his voice makes me fall asleep. There is nothing to it, its very flat and boring. :O :|

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


6. Chrisofskjern 5 years ago

this video has made me question my existence in this universe... :(|) :(|) :(|) :(|)

Picture of traudong23 achievements


7. traudong 5 years ago

Really interesting ideas, but really, like others said, if u never heard of 10th dimension before, u could easily get lost after the 4th dimension (he lost me after 6th dimension).

It's quite tired listen to the boring flat voice + all of these concepts in 10 mins. It would have been much better if the video has got extended a bit longer.

Still thumb up for the clip though.

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


8. LightAng3l 5 years ago

nice...real nice :)

Picture of Vidara12 achievements


9. Vidara 5 years ago

my head hurts :P

Picture of sp17623 achievements


10. sp176 5 years ago

So if our earth was rolled up like that newspaper, and we are like that ant walking around it, how do you get all the stuff in the middle?

Dimensions cannot be folded to create new dimensions. Each must be entirely independant of the others, which is why this theory will never have credibility.

Look at his diagram again when he folds the 2-D object to create his'3-D' object. At no point does he actually make a 3-D object, it still stays on the same plane. He just tells you so, and our imagination wants us to believe it.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good ideas here, but this is far from fact.

Picture of Xionbox44 achievements


11. Xionbox (moderator) 5 years ago

Hum... isn't this video already on the Snotr? I know I've seen it already and I don't go looking much for videos...

Picture of katanna2 achievements


12. katanna 5 years ago

The video was OK, but it made a lot of jumps and assumptions (such as the way to see a 3D object in 2D space is to "pass through" it... there are more ways than that, and time doesn't have to be the 4th dimension).

If you want a more detailed and through account of the dimensions, go here:

It takes two hours to explain 5 dimensions. But it is very slow and methodical... good stuff for having on in the background at work. (If you enjoy this type of thing, undoubtedly you work with others that would enjoy it, so they might start watching also).


Picture of edmund31 achievements


13. edmund 5 years ago

11th dimension - me watching snotr and rolling on the floor from pain - because I see all 10 dimensions as a point.

Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


14. Comment rated too low. Show this comment TitvsCaivs 5 years ago

Sincerely I think all this is much to repetitive, after the 4th dimension everything seems to repeat itself but with another explanation. This could go on to hundreds of dimensions. Just bullshit.

Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements


15. Sjattuh 5 years ago

#10 hence the introducing explanation using a newspaper.

A newspaper is 2D (anyone can imagine that) when you fold it into a tube it turns into a 3d object. When the ant crosses where the edges meet and you unfold he suddenly crossed the entire 2D field in a single step; hence the 3D concept of depth. And this he uses for his diagrams.

What strikes me as amazing is that basically it's a repeatative series to cross dimensions. But as shown again it's purely theories. You can never ever physically accross the 4th Dimension. So anything we suggest after that is speculation. Basically you can go on forever with this. Thats the flaw in his theorie. Unless we assume it all takes place in the 0 dimension and everything is just a dot. And we can break things down infinitifly his theorie works. But as that has been proven impossible it stagnates there.

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


16. eddie2042 5 years ago

LOOL I saw this vid @ school! :P

#14 nope just imagine everything as a nutshell inside a nutshell. like 10th dimension encompasses the 9th dimension which encompasses the 8th dimension etc etc. problem is the reason we stopped at the 10th dimension is cuz humans only know space and time. but people always say there could be more cuz there may be something more than just space and time :O

Picture of montypython30 achievements


17. montypython 5 years ago



Picture of HammaNtak12 achievements


18. HammaNtak 5 years ago

Ohh I get it!! :S

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


19. Fergus_Thedog 5 years ago

Much easier to understand whilst on acid.

Picture of proteanstar18 achievements


20. proteanstar 5 years ago

#16: Yes, there is a neutral force or dimension which transcends and is also creating space and time. By this neutral force/dimension space and time can be traveled instantly. All exist in one, and again are many, depending on the point of view, condition, or phase.

Picture of proteanstar18 achievements


21. proteanstar 5 years ago

#16: Yes, there is a neutral force or dimension which transcends and is also creating space and time. By this neutral force/dimension space and time can be traveled instantly. All exist in one, and again are many, depending on the point of view, condition, or phase.

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


22. SpikedSilver 5 years ago

Nerd Attack!! Burn the wichtes!!!!

Picture of Cargoon23 achievements


23. Cargoon 5 years ago

All that made perfect sense to me! It's all so clear now!

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


24. librabooks 5 years ago

1st problem with this video - the playing card 2D king would only see a LINE getting bigger and smaller. The circle expanding would require a 3rd dimension

Picture of Carlosgman3 achievements


25. Carlosgman 5 years ago

Going beyond the tenth dimension would be impossible because just thinking of an object in the tenth dimensions make it an object in one of the dimensions below. "Cogito ergo sum", "I think therefore i am". If the tenth dimension is something alternate that defies everything we know everything that we think of cannot be because it "becomes" once we begin to think about it.

Picture of jurb3 achievements


26. jurb 4 years ago

Hi there have a look at this site: if you like to see more video's about for instance string theory, parallel universes and other cool science video's.

Picture of hafa33 achievements


27. hafa 3 years ago

my head hurts just trying to follow it

I am lost after 4th dimension

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


28. LightAng3l 3 years ago

I'm sorry but the logic for the 7th dimension is COMPLETELY FLAWED !

Picture of AstonMartin27 achievements


29. AstonMartin 3 years ago

Warning: this video requires a High level of IQ.
If you are not eligible with, please DON'T press alt+f4 O:)
If wanna be smart, please watch this "how to be smart" video:

Picture of Neococo23 achievements


30. Neococo 3 years ago

mind blown