Heroic dog saves his buddy

A dog saves his fellow dog from the oncoming traffic.

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Picture of Fil19 achievements


1. Fil 7 years ago

Wow, that is so cool. :D Gotta like dogs, I don't know how some people around the world could ever eat them! :O

Picture of dvh35 achievements


2. dvh 7 years ago

Perhaps the second dog just wanted to eat the first one on a more secure place off the road

Picture of barf22 achievements


3. barf 7 years ago

LOL #2. That's just wrong :D

Picture of peelo202015 achievements


4. peelo2020 7 years ago

#2 nah, dogs aren't cannibals :)

Picture of MenelecJoe15 achievements


5. MenelecJoe 7 years ago

im shocked. proof, if proof be need be that some pretty advanced thought process is going on in that dogs head.

"must save comrade from death"

not that canine's dont show examples of being pretty smart...but this just seems to show a real, undeniable emotion based decision at work.

anyway. thats my two cents

Picture of sp17625 achievements


6. sp176 7 years ago

that dog is better than many humans

Picture of nubidu35 achievements


7. nubidu 7 years ago

Dogs are so much better than cats. A cat would never do something like that.

Picture of Fenris20 achievements


8. Fenris 7 years ago

and thinking that we,humans, most of time doesnt lookf at each other and help :S

Picture of Limberg43 achievements


9. Limberg 7 years ago

though, you have to admit that there are more people helping people than dogs helping dogs :P

Picture of Nateconq25 achievements


10. Nateconq 7 years ago

wow thats incredible

Picture of itsSimple716 achievements


11. itsSimple7 7 years ago

#1, Hunger is a powerful thing, its all nice to sit at home nice and fat, but if you were nearly starving every day and had no emotional contact to the animal, do not think you'd be different.

Sidenote: I have yet in my life to meet a person more ultruistic than a dog. The people who abuse animals need to be shot. Fact is, some people need to be shot.

Picture of HammaNtak12 achievements


12. HammaNtak 7 years ago

Dogs are getting more and more like us as time goes on,Iam not saying they will ever look like us or be quite as smart.But,dogs have been living with people as part of the family for well who knows how long? years,They are getting very smart and understand more than we give them credit for.

Picture of infinitewisdom13 achievements


13. infinitewisdom 7 years ago

You can always count on your fellow dawgz from the streets.

Picture of ringmaster48 achievements


14. ringmaster 7 years ago

Great video. Think it's on youtube to. Please employ that dog!

Picture of garshooba26 achievements


15. garshooba 7 years ago

wow thats incredible :'(

Picture of avionn14 achievements


16. avionn 7 years ago

that was the greatist act of heroisim i ever seen if i saw the dog get hit i probably would just stand there.

god bless that dog O:) O:) he/she is a selfless dog O:)

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


17. patriotaus 7 years ago

yeah god blessed that dog my running over his mate... people of faith are so blind

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


18. moskwiz 7 years ago

#17 no you dumbass.. people of faith just tend to look at the brighter side of things

Some people :|

Nice video.. I wonder as to the truthfulness of "the injured dog, lived" .. that looked like one hell of a wham he got there

Picture of 9573129 achievements


19. 95731 7 years ago

y was the 2nd dog there XD

Picture of Petralala22 achievements


20. Petralala 7 years ago

WOW...some pretty awesome footage of some pretty awesome dog :)

Picture of jesus9 achievements


21. Comment rated too low. Show this comment jesus 6 years ago

Quit romanticizing this...he was either trying to eat it or have sex with it. I can't remember because we don't let dogs in up here.

Picture of burnerboy30 achievements


22. burnerboy 6 years ago

i wish some humans were as helpful as that. that dog is awesome

Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements


23. GhostInShell 6 years ago

nature keeps showing us these amazing events and yet we humans despite numbers are not even close to show day by day this kind of compassion even if we wagered animals vs humans we would lose for decades.

Heartwarming video thanks for putting that up :)

Picture of TehChillinJuggal23 achievements


24. TehChillinJuggal 6 years ago

NOW THAT! IS AN AWESOME DOG !!! amazing stuff :)

Picture of Rigel36 achievements


25. Rigel 6 years ago

#1 they taste terrible, they're much better alive and wagging their tails, trust me

Picture of hellsd26 achievements


26. hellsd 5 years ago

Kick ass!! Damn I love dogs!! Hope the dog turned out to be ok.. Can learn alot from this video

Picture of andyjk1030 achievements


27. andyjk10 2 years ago

Dogs the number one Friend. ot only to humans but to fellow Dogs. very touching.

Picture of thundersnow54 achievements


28. thundersnow 197 days ago

Dogs are exceptional animals, there is no doubt about it, this video proves it.
comment #2 is the best!