Quick and dangerous way to inflate a tire

Don't try that at home :)

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Picture of Oddi50 achievements


1. Oddi 5 years ago

Fake or not im goin to teach that to my little brother for his bicycle. Maybe he'll suceed...or not. >:)

Picture of Xionbox44 achievements


2. Xionbox (moderator) 5 years ago


Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


3. banzemanga 5 years ago

can someone explain the science behind it? i am so confused.

Picture of orion27 achievements


4. orion 5 years ago

Obvious. Explosion means expansion of gasses.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


5. moskwiz 5 years ago

Def not fake =)

And is rly handy when stranded somewhere in the Arctic circle without any spare rims for your toyota hilux supercab (thinking about TopGear) :D

Picture of sp17623 achievements


6. sp176 5 years ago

Cool. This cant last that long though.

Picture of kingerr18 achievements


7. kingerr 5 years ago

It doesn't inflate the tire, it just sets the bead. It just looks like it is inflated because the vehicle is on a jack. There would be 0 air pressure in the tire.

WD-40 works perfectly for this.

Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


8. TitvsCaivs 5 years ago

This is used by any car with that tiresize. The problem with such big tires is, that no compressor on earth is capable of pressing that much air in that short period of time, to make the tire "stick" to the rim, so, from obvious reasons, they use this kind of explosion. #6 you are right, but you can see they are puting the compressor on, the explosion just helpes the tire to stick to the rim. I hope i managed to make you understand.

Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements


10. cannnobaL 5 years ago

Not fake. Old trick from North

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


11. Highmeadow 5 years ago

Used to do this with construction, logging and farm equipment tires all the time, but it is definitely frowned on by your labour safety regulators.

Picture of Cargoon23 achievements


12. Cargoon 5 years ago

How many guys does it take to re-set a bead? :D

Picture of FATBOY19229 achievements


13. FATBOY192 5 years ago

now thats something you don't see on ray mears tv shows, extreme bush craft

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


14. zerorain 5 years ago

i gotta try that now

Picture of evilhost36919 achievements


15. evilhost369 5 years ago

Must... resist... slashing neighbor's tire!

Picture of Fudji16 achievements


16. Fudji 5 years ago

It's not exactly the same as they did in TopGear, in TopGear they inflated the tire with gas instead of just spraying it onto the rim.
This is not something that will work everytime and the way these germans are doing it is more dangerous than inflating the tire with gas.

Picture of dafil33 achievements


17. dafil 5 years ago

The language spoken in this vid ain't german ;)

Picture of Noobeater26 achievements


18. Noobeater 5 years ago

I tried it, and my rear rim is now on the roof. What to do?

Picture of Loveitall8 achievements


19. Loveitall 5 years ago

;) 17 said it best!!!!

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


20. SpikedSilver 5 years ago

#16 damn you ^^ its east european or somethin, but def not german

Picture of Belfinwe17 achievements


21. Belfinwe 5 years ago

#20 don't think it's east european either. I'd say it's Norwegian. I recognize the registrationplate and some of the words they say in the vid.

Picture of Rebmeister12 achievements


22. Rebmeister 5 years ago

#(removed comment) = LOL!

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


23. nooitaf (admin) 5 years ago

sounds scandinavian .. its not german ^^

Picture of joeman60 achievements


24. joeman 4 years ago

The chemicals used here burn, causing the fluid to expand to a gas, which seats the tire.
There is no explosion.

Picture of wongraven37 achievements


25. wongraven 4 years ago

Its Norwegians :D