World's most craziest and dangerous job

Amazing video about a 'cable repair guy'... in a helicopter.

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Picture of Wildsnake32 achievements


1. Wildsnake 5 years ago

I really loved the end, when he talked about his fears :D
Brave is not the absence of fear, but the capacity to carry in it's presence!

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment eddie2042 5 years ago

2:16 wtff there are 2?? WOW

Picture of zeph29 achievements


3. zeph 5 years ago

that guy's got an awesome voice :D

Picture of abear19522 achievements


4. abear1952 5 years ago

:D I don't know why, but this moved me to tears. It's actually quite beautiful and wonderous. I wish we could see the man who is talking. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this one!

Picture of De_Micco35 achievements


5. De_Micco 5 years ago

I would like to do this but only once. Those guys are full of energy... half million volts are something. If he could carry a bulb in his hand that would light on? :D

Picture of 9573129 achievements


6. 95731 5 years ago

hahhaha everything hes afraid of he has

Picture of tastytim39 achievements


7. tastytim 5 years ago

Could someone please explain what he is doing to repair the power lines? 8-)
I never knew people did that and the guy as a great voice :)

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


8. banzemanga 5 years ago

Wow. They must really pay him a lot of money.

Picture of Eduardo22 achievements


9. Eduardo 5 years ago

Helli Cable Guy

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


10. zerorain 5 years ago

lol hes afraid of electricity, height, and women. so does that mean the pilot is a girl?

i thought it was funny how hes said its as safe as crossing a street...LA streets?

Picture of Jahoo31 achievements


11. Jahoo 5 years ago

#7 He said there is such a high demand for electricity that nobody wants to take down a powerline to maintain it. So what he is doing is maintaining it, checking for problems and defects.

Picture of kainim37 achievements


12. kainim 5 years ago

#3 i agree he has a very tranquil voice, you just get relaxed by hearing him talk... his job is insane, lots of respect!!

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


13. LightAng3l 5 years ago

#5 ...actually the bulb would explode ... just saying :)

Picture of malliebean2 achievements


14. malliebean 5 years ago

My husband use to do this. The answer to questions as best as I can answer is.....#7 is changing spacers. It's to keep the 4 cable from touching each other. sometime the spacers will break and have to be changed. answer to #11 is not take down the power-Line but to take down (out) power from the line. If they did that thousand or millions of people would be out of power (these lines supply power to the small distribution lines, then they supply power to small line that feed into your homes). These guys have a very skilled job and the pilot has to be VERY good also, kudos to them! for making life safe. ;)

Picture of Onlyodin21 achievements


15. Onlyodin 5 years ago

I remember seeing this before somewhere, one of the most dangerous parts of is the landing.... they need to safely ground/earth the chopper before it can land!

Picture of cypresswalker1 achievements


16. cypresswalker 5 years ago

I used to paint electical towers. 3 rules we used to stay alive. 1. Know where you are every second. 2. Know where you are going before you make a move. and the best one 3. Never take anything for granted. Oh, and I wonder if the guys great voice was allways like that, or did the voltage do it... Just kidding.

Picture of hihahihaho21 achievements


17. hihahihaho 5 years ago

does he like it or is he doing it for the money?