Little Man

The way girls are

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Picture of Huding16 achievements


1. Huding 7 years ago

Haha Man this is like a edjucation movie for men! :D :D

Picture of Stein38 achievements


2. Stein 7 years ago

Life like it really is seen by childrens, I think it's one of the best short movie I've seen so far.
Really like the music too.

Picture of orion27 achievements


3. orion 7 years ago

The ending is very cruel.

Picture of macleanac5 achievements


4. macleanac 7 years ago

My hero...

Picture of peterpan00724 achievements


5. peterpan007 7 years ago

That was absolutely bril....really funny short film

Picture of De_Micco35 achievements


6. De_Micco 7 years ago

and I tought I can share it with some girls but the way it end... NO WAY...

Picture of chrysbbb26 achievements


7. chrysbbb 7 years ago

this movie made me remember when i was about 10 years old and starting noticing girls. couldn't understand them then, can't now :)

Picture of kainim37 achievements


8. kainim 7 years ago

HE'S THE (little) MAN!!!
what he says is pretty true, he's a kind of mature for his age :p
men are too easy to manipulate by men: fact
men will do almost anything to get a girl to kiss (or further) him, if she is pretty: fact
oh an another fact: most of the time, pretty girls just use you to see if they can (the b*tches :()
the woman in the swimmingpool walked kind of strange ^^

Picture of Redplague11 achievements


9. Redplague 7 years ago

Just a quick question: Are they speaking Norwegian or Danish?

Picture of Ritty541 achievements


10. Ritty5 7 years ago

Very Nice short vid... Liked it...

#1 XD i know... esp cause it shows how women can (not the 'can') be.

#8 i agree she couldn't walk 'normal'

Ps. Moderator's/Admin what happened to the "Not Appropiate for Office" warning??? or even the "Occasional Nudity" warning...? Just incase someone wants to watch this at work... lol... *nipple slip* o hi Boss XD

Picture of xendk26 achievements


11. xendk 7 years ago

#9 it is danish

Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements


12. _MidNight_ 7 years ago

6:13 p0rn >:)

Picture of minkki38 achievements


13. minkki 7 years ago

Im looking for my mother doesnt work for me when I go there :(

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


14. Comment rated too low. Show this comment SpikedSilver 7 years ago

i dont like 2 min of credits in a 10 min video .. it is disproportional

Picture of Marley3 achievements


15. Marley 7 years ago

Very sweet and well done....

Picture of pire35 achievements


16. pire 7 years ago

sry guys. but how can i download the movie? or isn't that possible at all?

Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements


17. Kurisusan 7 years ago

#9 Danish sounds more like german, norwegian is a little smoother and more melodic.

I know because Im norwegian, and I still think Danish is not a "pretty" language : D sounds to much like german : P

Picture of wts43 achievements


18. wts 7 years ago

#16 You can use VideoDownloadHelper - an addon for FireFox. You can get it in

Picture of banzemanga46 achievements


19. banzemanga 7 years ago

I don't want to be sexist but it is so true. Girls try to ask you sincerely yo get you do whatever you want. In the other hand when you ask them or when you say no they give you ugly colors.

Picture of Vizzer34 achievements


20. Vizzer 7 years ago

It seems most those kids are blond or light brown hair and blue/green eyes. Interesting....

Picture of Joeyy12 achievements


21. Joeyy 7 years ago

that kid is cool haha
I never knew english was so simalar in some words, almost exact pronounciation haha
good video :)

Picture of 9573129 achievements


22. 95731 7 years ago

haahahhaah i didnt c the end comeing

Picture of dalomo8414 achievements


23. dalomo84 7 years ago

someone know what is the song of this film

Picture of Norin_DK9 achievements


24. Norin_DK 7 years ago

Norwegian is a little smoother and more melodic. TRUE

But danish is no way near german, plz dont compare the 2 languages as they have wery little i commen.

Norwegian and danish has much i commen, many words are the same or similar. U and i would probably understand each other if we meet.

Picture of tomas42 achievements


25. tomas 7 years ago

:) Brilliant film!

Picture of ktg_536 achievements


26. ktg_5 7 years ago

#17 no
#24 your right!

Danish can not be compared to German, only a few exceptions!
But Norwegian, and Swedish for that matter, are Danish which have evolved in the centuries since Denmark controlled Scandinavia.
Norway were under the Danish kingdom until 1800, so the 2 languages are to compare easily.
I'm Dane, and I understand Norwegian pretty well, but I don't understand a single word of German.

Picture of truckito12316 achievements


27. truckito123 7 years ago

You gotta love girls, yea, they have this ability to just drive you madly crazy, like no other creature on this planet. Dude, you got it.

Picture of ESTHER1 achievements


28. ESTHER 7 years ago

VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!! :) :*

Picture of MaxXL20 achievements


29. MaxXL 7 years ago

#14 what the hell man? It's at the end. You can actually stop the movie :O

#17 Well, you're not really on spot. You can spell several sentences and it would be the same in Danish (og du forstår hvad jeg skriver nu..) :)

Gal der er mange danskere herinde. Sweet!

Picture of whowhatme17 achievements


30. whowhatme 7 years ago

If you ever want to read a great book about the subject try "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar .

Great read and an insight .

Picture of niamord27 achievements


31. niamord 7 years ago

great the music too...

Picture of Yellowdie1221 achievements


32. Yellowdie12 7 years ago

I enjoyed it, but it would have been better without the nudity.

Picture of Dirtynonon7 achievements


33. Dirtynonon 7 years ago

i would have told her what do i get in return, or show me something then ill get your ribbon lol.

Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements


34. angrytattedguy 7 years ago

That kid was on a mission.

Picture of revilowo22 achievements


35. revilowo 7 years ago

I was kinda like him too, when I was in his age and proberly also as curious in the other sex then him! :D

Picture of thommylicious35 achievements


36. thommylicious 7 years ago

the song is:

thomas haardell - blow your mind

Picture of Blastabola9 achievements


37. Blastabola 7 years ago

:) 8-) :(|) >:) O:) :)

Norsk eller dansk eller svensk. Veldig fin film.!

Picture of miamiJim14 achievements


38. miamiJim 7 years ago

When I was his age I totally would of fallen for that - a wisps of her hair and I'd be knee deep in pond water too! can't say I've changed much 15 years later tho. great little movie

Picture of medicino30 achievements


39. medicino 7 years ago

did you noticed that they are siblings?

Picture of elmaestro7 achievements


40. elmaestro 7 years ago

This was awesome! Loved it. The music was really nice as well. Just great all around!

Picture of el_don_almighty1 achievements


41. el_don_almighty 7 years ago

Stunning images, this is a really well crafted story. Thank you for your hard work. :D

Picture of Bamba4 achievements


42. Bamba 7 years ago

:) :) :) >:) :D

Thank You this up!

Picture of ghughiexpress5 achievements


43. ghughiexpress 7 years ago

beautiful man

Picture of mensa_1 achievements


44. mensa_ 7 years ago

i like his smile at the end. it makes it less cruel. HE's got a sense of humour, girls don't ;-)

Picture of Nikocc1 achievements


45. Nikocc 7 years ago

Great, really cute! Congratulatons! Nice music. I am filming the "opposite" of age for a nonprofit project called in Germany.

Picture of rafhara1 achievements


46. rafhara 6 years ago

can somebody tell me the title of the music, I was so touched by it.....thanks

Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements


47. InfiniteBoredom 6 years ago

Lolz the twist ending like came totally out of nowhere. I am blown away. (overly dramatic comment 4tw)

Picture of jojotin31 achievements


48. jojotin 6 years ago

makes me mad when i start to think how true this is :S

Picture of TitvsCaivs46 achievements


49. TitvsCaivs 4 years ago

it's still brilliant

Picture of GhostInShell42 achievements


50. GhostInShell 4 years ago

just one last thing this nice short movie doesn't show.

Mathias writes additional note:

"Girls cannot be trusted, they will go through your stuff and/or steal your ideas."

Couldn't help to add that :)

(ja der en del danskere her) :D

Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


51. TarasFromLviv 4 years ago

Beautifully done

Picture of loadrunner54 achievements


52. loadrunner 313 days ago

Can you imagine this is MA rated in the US because there is a nipple visible?