How to make popcorn in your mouth

Clearly fake, but still a cool video.

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Picture of draxenn31 achievements


1. draxenn 5 years ago

Way quicker than the microwave! it isn't.

Picture of beel37 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment beel 5 years ago

mmm horribly fake

Picture of Maz22 achievements


3. Maz 5 years ago

No Way :D What else can he cook in his mouth? how about some mellows :p

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


4. SpikedSilver 5 years ago

everybody naturally guesses that its a fake.. because its just too hot and normally corn needs a while to pop ;D but even though i dont see the fake... please explain

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


5. patriotaus 5 years ago

yeah i cant pick the fake, but its a video, you cant tell me terminator is real but it looks pretty bloody good, i cant see the strings

Picture of MoT29 achievements


6. MoT 5 years ago

#4 You need oil to help pop the corn, otherwise it'll pop and just go blackish.

Never-the-less, pretty well put together video, I can't see how it's done. 8-)

Picture of messmaker45 achievements


7. messmaker 5 years ago

#6 That is so wrong.

Since the video (along with the audio) doesn't look fake (as it is of poor quality and not edited at first sight) i would say it's NOT corn. Or at least it's modified. Maybe pre-geated. Maybe the shells are broken so that it can pop faster, maybe the shells are completely removed.

Picture of MoT29 achievements


8. MoT 5 years ago

#7 Depends on the type of popcorn - your example probably has oil already around it or something.. You can't just stick popcorn in a pot and stick it on a gas and expect it to pop. It needs to have oil, otherwise it'll just get burnt.

Go to your local cinema and ask them if they use oil in their popcorn kettle.

Infact, on your website you linked to, check out:

Picture of messmaker45 achievements


9. messmaker 5 years ago

#8... Jesus christ, why are people so... nevermind. Where is your god now?

I actually OWN one of these machines and, trust me, all you need is electricity and corn. No oil, no salt, no pokemon poo.

Picture of MoT29 achievements


10. MoT 5 years ago

#8 Yeah, that youtube video totally shows how good the corn pops.. brilliant example.

I'm not denying the popcorn will pop, but it'll be soft/burn easily, which is why oil is used. Same reason oil is used for cooking anything..

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


11. Chrisofskjern 5 years ago

i saw the clip! i think its a great clip. Im not a scientist so i won't bother explaining, nor wonder, how its done... i'll just watch the vid and leave a comment.


:(|) :(|) :(|)

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


12. MsZoomy 5 years ago

I don't know about you guys, but have you ever heard of an air popper? I used to have one and all it uses is AIR!! no oil and the popcorn came out fine albiet bland!!

I don't think it's fake, all corn needs to pop is heat, which expands what little moisture is within the kernel, which then makes it POP.

p.s. I used to work in a movie theatre and those machines do indeed use oil, just so you know

Picture of messmaker45 achievements


13. messmaker 5 years ago

#12: Haven't I already linked and blabla'd about the air popper in my comments? Especially the link I pasted in #7?

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


14. MsZoomy 5 years ago

#13 sorry dude, I missed did indeed

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements


15. SpikedSilver 5 years ago

So it is right to hate all the "it is far beyond my understanding - it must be fake" posters?^^

Picture of Bikkies18 achievements


16. Bikkies 5 years ago

I just watched the video and enjoyed until i read the comments.
Then i posted so my comment is included :(

Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements


17. prankphonecall 5 years ago

I don't think the heat from that flame would be enough to pop normal corn in an instant as he spat it through, so perhaps modified or pre-heated corn that just needed finishing off, or it may have had some oil etc. that would catch alight when passed through the flame, thus keeping heat applied to the corn for longer?

Picture of Supersnail24 achievements


18. Supersnail 5 years ago

The flames don't move properly when he blows on them. That's fake #1. Popcorn has to be over 350 degrees internally for the pop to happen. No way passing though a flame for a split second will ever get it that hot. That's fake # 2. Fake # 3 is that if the popcorn is in the mouth the moving blood in the surrounding tissues would carry away the heat required to pop the corn. The tissues would cook long before the corn would pop.

Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements


19. ridebmxx3 3 years ago

gay mans popcorn