The Musical Genius - Derek Paravicini

Derek Paravicini is autistic and completely blind, but his musical talents are outstanding.

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Picture of kainim37 achievements


1. kainim 5 years ago

I've heared of this, autistic people who are extremely talented with 1 thing, but all the rest is off (like counting, cooking, anything...)
there is also an autistic kid who can draw anything he sees extremely accurate... they are gifted, too bad they are not really accepted by society

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


2. LightAng3l 5 years ago

Right #1 ...he drew a whole city after flying above it in a helicopter ! AMAZING !

Picture of rubi46 achievements


3. rubi 5 years ago

@2 yea i remeber that one too, and the most impressive about this drawer was that the amount and location of every single window was correct, one of the cities he draw was rome

Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements


5. Kurisusan 5 years ago


Brought a smile to my face.

Picture of Louie19 achievements


6. Louie 5 years ago

:) That was a bit long, but well worth the listen, I was really impressed. Wonder if he could teach me to play chop sticks.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


7. irishgek 5 years ago

That last bit was used in schindlers list , amazing how he just plays it back again . Amazing tallent , pity about the blindness and autisim

Picture of Mogli17 achievements


8. Mogli 5 years ago

#1Can you please link where i can see or read something about that kid? ty

that was impressive.

Picture of cosminb30 achievements


9. cosminb 5 years ago

#8, check #4 for the whole story.
#7 if you take away autism, you are actually taking away what makes him so good in music...

Picture of evil66628 achievements


10. evil666 5 years ago

#1 we call them Idiot Savanths - the people who are good in only one thing.

There are a lot of them living in our planet. There are some who are just good in drawing, in calculating complex math formulas, and in eating and screaming like this one

Picture of Dexter11 achievements


11. Dexter 5 years ago

"He can barely count to 10". Yeah, but he can easily count to 4 though!

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


12. moskwiz 5 years ago

part 2 please!

Picture of ProTomBlast15 achievements


14. ProTomBlast 5 years ago

Thats awesome they should get him a couple synthesizer for his birthday. hay the professor guy at the end of the vid is Sacha Baron Cohen brother Simon. he's so very posh!!!

Picture of Pilum4 achievements


15. Pilum 5 years ago

Not all autistic people are "Rainmen", those who are helped raise awareness to their problems. Don't stop at urban myths, a simple lookup on Google will open a world of knowledge.
My personal uneducated theory is: for some forms of genius you have to be autistic.

Picture of lacroupade17 achievements


16. lacroupade 5 years ago

#10 just fyi, the word is 'savant', from the french verb 'savoir' meaning 'to know'.

Amazing talent, and look, his daddy loves him so much he's in a fucking home for the blind, nice one pops..... >:)

Picture of vitaminm15 achievements


17. vitaminm 5 years ago

are savants known for creating i wonder... imagine being able to make the choice to be like that, if you could choose whatever it was you were good with

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


18. Chrisofskjern 5 years ago

He walks like a real baddass gangster

Picture of Gibtrickz6 achievements


19. Gibtrickz 5 years ago

Towards the end he meets an expert names Simon Baron Cohen. I wonder if he is related to Sacha Baron Cohen a.k.a Borat a.k.a Ali G.. Hmm :O :O

OK Now to update, i just IMDB'd Sacha Baron Cohen and he is his uncle.. lol.. Thats random..

Picture of bugmg1 achievements


20. bugmg 2 years ago

Could someone please help me? I would greatly like to know the lullaby described only as "Basque" at 7:43. Any help is appreciated. Thank you