Lego Arcade

Experience some classic video games from the 1980's with Lego: Frogger, Space Invaders, Pacman, Arkanoid, Tron, and Asteroids.

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Picture of Stizzo15 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Stizzo 5 years ago

Uh i don't know Tron :'(
Maybe it's the less famous

Picture of blckpythn30 achievements


2. blckpythn 5 years ago

dude... tron even has a movie.

Picture of Kurisusan30 achievements


3. Kurisusan 5 years ago

lol, its true.

This clip just brought a smile to mah face : )

Pacman was the winner for me

Picture of asemanden29 achievements


4. asemanden 5 years ago

I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but when I was much younger, and my NES was till a summer's worth of lawnmowing money? away, I used to take my Legos and move them around on the floor, sometimes using Lego men, sometimes using the 2x4 blocks, and pretend I was playing video games.
Sometimes it was Mario Bros. ("Super? What's That?";) Sometimes it would be games I just made up.
For some reason, this reminds me of those days I had once forgotten. Surf Wisely!

Picture of VoxT3R33 achievements


5. VoxT3R 5 years ago

This is AWESOME... in fact, totally FANTASTIC!!! :D :D :D

Picture of Fenris20 achievements


6. Fenris 5 years ago

this guy lost in every game!!! xD
nice work

Picture of NathaneM38 achievements


7. NathaneM 5 years ago

I still love battlecity, now I miss my arcade box. :'(

Picture of Louie19 achievements


8. Louie 5 years ago

Loved it. Brought back alot of good game memories. Careful #4,don't tell all your childhood secrets. >:)

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


9. irishgek 5 years ago

Damm Nice , if that was a game i could buy i would be sold allready. brings back memmories

Picture of BaronKite23 achievements


10. BaronKite 5 years ago

Asteroids ftw!!

Picture of Woll24 achievements


11. Woll 5 years ago

It's the sound effects that bring back the memories as much as the visual stuff.

Back in the day, Spy Hunter was my favorite
- would have been a bit of a ball ache to simulate that with Lego though.

Picture of wtwutao198817 achievements


12. wtwutao1988 5 years ago

what's game?

Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements


13. Sjattuh 5 years ago

damn... awesome idea tbh. I guess it aint so hard to make but as stated by others it does bring back a lot of memories for all of us who played back in the 80's on our C64's and Amiga 500's :)

But tbh they should've gotten someone else to play.. this player sucked... ^^

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


14. MsZoomy 5 years ago

makes me yearn for my long gone PONG.
Oh PONG, how I miss you so, with your single round controller knob, your high-def black&white video and never ending replayability...... I still remember the first day daddy brought you home. we were the first people in the neighborhood to be blessed by you
**** BIG SIGH****
ohh how I miss you my PONG

Picture of kikosv21 achievements


15. kikosv 5 years ago

Nicely done! This is actually better than most of the flash games i've played :)

Picture of Alessa27 achievements


16. Alessa 5 years ago

... god i'm old :'(

i like those vid with oldies (arkanoid :* )

Picture of Soetje10 achievements


17. Soetje 5 years ago

So... thats what people do on rainy days :P

awsome vid, respect :)

Picture of huldu30 achievements


18. huldu 5 years ago

Most clips you see on snotr these days you've already seen on youtube a few weeks ago. What happened?

Picture of THEHOFFY14 achievements


19. THEHOFFY 5 years ago


Picture of thecamronmoore24 achievements


20. thecamronmoore 3 years ago

That is amazingly put together! ;)