Hold that truck

Look Mom, I'm a Cop...

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Picture of eddie204242 achievements


1. eddie2042 5 years ago

oh thank God it wasn't cola >:)

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


2. MsZoomy 5 years ago

or beer

Picture of joZCo21 achievements


3. joZCo 5 years ago

this was first viral ever from 7up :-)

Picture of Zumo38 achievements


4. Zumo 5 years ago

There's someone inside the truck >:)

Picture of blackisotope13 achievements


5. blackisotope 5 years ago

Yeah. #4 is correct. There's a driver in the cab. He just took the handbrake off and let it roll,.... quietly...

Picture of JerryD14 achievements


6. JerryD 5 years ago

Being late and running for a bus or a train... but this is a first for running for a truck. Lucky it wasn't a steeper down :D ... because then it would be a major sodapop!

Picture of MoT29 achievements


7. MoT 5 years ago

What happened next?

Picture of Sjattuh24 achievements


8. Sjattuh 5 years ago

I agree with #7 - how does it end?

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


9. sux2bu 5 years ago

At 0:14 it does look like the brake lights flash, maybe someone pranking the driver?

Picture of cholio15 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment cholio 5 years ago

Ok, I have to ask #5...how could you possibly know that the driver took the hand break off and let it roll?

Picture of kainim37 achievements


11. kainim 5 years ago

my guess is that he passed customs officials by not putting on the handbrake, then he ran for the truck and made a getaway with a ton of coke ^^

Picture of Zumo38 achievements


12. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Zumo 5 years ago

#10. As i said, if you watch carefully at 0:4 you can see someone inside de truck. Maybe some kind of "funny cop" who want to do a prank to the driver.

Picture of silly_sy43 achievements


13. silly_sy 5 years ago

running in sandles is so funny lol

Picture of WildMonkey31 achievements


14. Comment rated too low. Show this comment WildMonkey 5 years ago

Everybody in that station died after the 7-Up combined with gasoline to produce a carbonated bomb.

Picture of Louie19 achievements


15. Louie 5 years ago

OK, I'm just glad the security guard got to sample some of the goods. He just looked so content while doing his job. Kinda makes you think he's got a hot date after work. >:) :D

Picture of blackisotope13 achievements


16. Comment rated too low. Show this comment blackisotope 5 years ago

#10 how could I possibly know that the driver took the hand break off and let it roll?

Fact. The truck is rolling. It couldn't do that with the handbrake on.

Fact. There is someone clearly visible in the cab.

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce therefore that the person in the cab is the one responsible for taking the handbrake off.

I hope that's cleard things up for you #10. If you have any more questions, just get back to me. :D

Picture of jaysong0933 achievements


17. jaysong09 5 years ago

He ran pretty fast for someone wearing mandals. :D

Picture of chance25 achievements


18. chance 5 years ago

#12 and #16 I'm going to have to disagree with you, but not because I agree with number #10, but because I "clearly" don't see the driver. I think you guys are seeing the driver's seat.

Picture of wyvern197824 achievements


19. wyvern1978 5 years ago


Picture of Louie19 achievements


20. Louie 5 years ago

Just wondering the same thing #19, I hate to have to find something else to waste time with. :D

Picture of blackisotope13 achievements


21. blackisotope 5 years ago

SNOTR is a lame site. Hardly anyone can be botherd to upload vids any more. And who can blame them?

Picture of SjN32 achievements


22. SjN 5 years ago

Did SNOTR ran out of videos? they didn't upload in awhile...

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


23. zerorain 5 years ago

#9 its the reflection from the sun off the red traffic markers.

lol yeah he ran surprisingly on sandles/mandels

Picture of Salem36 achievements


24. Salem 5 years ago

Just out of boredom I clicked "random video" .

Guess where it landed me? http://www.snotr.com/video/1775

What a coincidence!

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


25. MsZoomy 5 years ago

hey peeps, just so you know. I'm in the middle of moving and haven't had the time to do much lately. and probably won't till next week, but I will pop in and leave the other mods a message to get on it!!

Sorry, and I'll see you all in a bout a week


Picture of Louie19 achievements


26. Louie 5 years ago

Well now we know, good luck moving MsZoomy. One week to move and six months to find where you put everything. :D

Picture of Bdubb26 achievements


27. Bdubb 5 years ago

#21 then go post your negative comments somewhere else, SOME people have lives to attend to and can't keep internet stuff goin because of priorities, which im guessing you have none of!

Picture of Jonish6 achievements


28. Jonish 5 years ago

I think it's Czech border policeman.

Picture of vaha20 achievements


29. vaha 5 years ago

#4 and #5 pause at 0.06...

Picture of blackisotope13 achievements


30. blackisotope 5 years ago

#27 No thanks. I think I'll carry on posting my truthful comments here. This site needs more honesty and less sycophancy.

Picture of Zumo38 achievements


31. Zumo 5 years ago

#29 Watch the video in fullscreen. You clearly see the head and the body. You can also see the break at 0:15 ;)

Picture of THEHOFFY14 achievements


32. THEHOFFY 5 years ago

7 UP goes 7 down