Crazy Painting !

Impressive speed and result

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Picture of Kinslayer27 achievements


1. Kinslayer 7 years ago

surprisingly good :D
didn't saw that one coming!

Picture of NathaneM38 achievements


2. NathaneM 7 years ago

Impressive, i thought he was also dancing to the tune. :)

Picture of slep19 achievements


3. slep 7 years ago

That was absolutely spectacular! I love the french accent :P

#(removed comment), if you have nothing nice to say, don't bother saying anything at all.

Picture of De_Micco35 achievements


4. De_Micco 7 years ago

just as she said: incroyable. If i'm not wrong the paint looks like her.

Picture of ringmaster48 achievements


5. ringmaster 7 years ago

One way to melt a woman's heart

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


6. MsZoomy 7 years ago

#(removed comment) the shit this site is full of is you and people like #(removed comment)
Bye, see ya, good riddance, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!

p.s. I'm really exhausted from reviewing the hundreds of videos you submit anyway, I need a break!!!

Picture of illapino836 achievements


7. Comment rated too low. Show this comment illapino83 7 years ago

What the heck are they saying... all i hear are frogs croaking.

Picture of polishdemon10 achievements


8. polishdemon 7 years ago

First comment...and this video is worthy of it. I really didn't expect it to turn out like it did, that's talent right there.

Picture of Louie19 achievements


9. Louie 7 years ago

This guy is great. I wonder if he's the one who paints on a spinning canvas also. Two monkeys heads for good chick bait. :(|) :(|) . The only thing I thought was bad was that the french accent really sucked. >:)

Picture of Cavabardus44 achievements


10. Cavabardus 7 years ago

Which french accent ? They don't have any, on this video. :)
You should listen to people from south or north (of France, of course)...

Two monkeys for the artist (Michael Raivard)
Want more ?

Two negative monkeys for the "singer" that I really don't like (Helene Segara) :)

Picture of kainim37 achievements


11. kainim 7 years ago

would be cool if it was in blacklight paint, then he could have different colors :) so awesome

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


12. irishgek 7 years ago

Nice one , looked good at a angel and as for #(removed comment) blackisotard , he keeps comming back for more and more yet he hates the clips so much , must be a bit of a Schizo

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


13. zerorain 7 years ago

3:08 hes probably thinking "oh shit it worked"

magic glitter?

Picture of acantoni30 achievements


14. acantoni 7 years ago


Picture of alexnader38 achievements


15. alexnader 7 years ago

#10 i think what they are meaning to say is that they don't like the french language, because u'r right they don't actually have an accent (unless u consider it the Parisian accent, but that would by comparison to another regional accent, like Marseilles).
I just don't like Stephane Bern (the presenter at 0:09) he's just a d!ck.

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


16. nooitaf (admin) 7 years ago

i knew something like that was coming, but the endproduct was way better then expected.. the eyes are incredible ... + 5 monkeyheads for let'n people wait for 3 minutes and then throw the magic powder >:)

Picture of stepanstas29 achievements


17. stepanstas 7 years ago

3 min of work, could probably sell it for thousands

Picture of stammam18 achievements


18. stammam1 7 years ago

always we discover new arts to express our selvs, its really surprising me

Picture of grizzlykiller216 achievements


19. grizzlykiller2 7 years ago

#7 shut up the french are ace half the words you speak are french i got my girlfriend my speaking a bit of french

Picture of Steelhunky23 achievements


20. Steelhunky 7 years ago


Picture of zixy1 achievements


21. zixy 7 years ago

Whats the name of the song at the end???

Picture of tep1h10 achievements


22. tep1h 7 years ago

whats the song on the end plz any1?

Picture of larsifarsi16 achievements


23. larsifarsi 7 years ago

wow!!! respect....hes definitely going lucky on that french woman!!!

Picture of ve2so2 achievements


24. ve2so 7 years ago

J'ai reconnu moi-même Hélène Ségara. Fantastique!

Picture of HelmutJosie1 achievements


25. HelmutJosie 7 years ago

:D Amazig! Surprising, beautiful! No words to describ it!

Spectaculaire! Surpreant Tres beau! Il n'y a pas de mots pour decrire le talent de cet artiste!


Picture of hagopgirair1 achievements


26. hagopgirair 7 years ago

amazing , this is magic

Picture of Alicia1 achievements


27. Alicia 7 years ago

Picture of Shubert1 achievements


28. Shubert 7 years ago


Picture of rm7alshmal1 achievements


29. rm7alshmal 6 years ago

:O niiiice iam going to do same now

Picture of joseral102 achievements


30. joseral10 6 years ago

Bravo bravo

Picture of JanHenry1 achievements


31. JanHenry 6 years ago

It's a Gods gift to paint like this artist, exceptional and amazing.

Picture of karol25 achievements


32. karol 6 years ago


Picture of thaivanan2 achievements


33. thaivanan 6 years ago

very good!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of TamaraSH2 achievements


34. TamaraSH 4 years ago

<3 Gorgeous work
Great video :) :*