Horse kicks moron in the face

When we were kids our parents told us never to do loud noises behind a horse, this guy took the lesson the fast way!

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Picture of Griffen16 achievements


1. Griffen 5 years ago

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCH! I was guna say that would rattle his brain...but yeh you know where i'm going with that one >:)

Picture of CrAzYZiR017 achievements


2. CrAzYZiR0 5 years ago

Seems ok, he has conciousness....

Picture of MiNo40 achievements


3. Comment rated too low. Show this comment MiNo 5 years ago

man... that SUCKS... :(

Picture of Josuhard8 achievements


4. Josuhard 5 years ago

That horse has a weak kick tho. The dumb dude is still alive.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


5. moskwiz 5 years ago

Very lucky guy.. If he had gotten hit directly with the hoof, he probably wouldn't have been able to stand up after that

Picture of i_love_pepper20 achievements


6. i_love_pepper 5 years ago

He carried on WALKING!!!
Hard Head man!! :P

Picture of bogdan2a23 achievements


7. bogdan2a 5 years ago

This happens in Romania. That gipsy has no brain. We have a proverb: Don't stay in front of an idiot and behind a horse.

Picture of mailtomeet3 achievements


8. mailtomeet 5 years ago

good video
do not try in the life

Picture of petonga13 achievements


9. Comment rated too low. Show this comment petonga 5 years ago

OH YES!!!! Karma is BITCH mofo!

Picture of Eduardo22 achievements


10. Eduardo 5 years ago


Picture of Ovex3827 achievements


11. Ovex38 5 years ago

HA! funny. He got kicked on his Arms, NOT his face...he was lucky !

Picture of thundercash42 achievements


12. thundercash 5 years ago

Fuckin amazing. Gypsies tend to die hard. He was lucky to be a stupid gypsy.

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


13. Chrisofskjern 5 years ago

Thats what you get for pissing off an already stressed out horse! A Horse Lee kick to the chin!

Picture of slep19 achievements


14. slep 5 years ago

How he still walks, I don't know.

Picture of RandomPixels25 achievements


15. RandomPixels 5 years ago


Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


16. DarkiKun 5 years ago

so you think you can spank my ass hum? well take that!

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


17. Fergus_Thedog 5 years ago

I can't thank you enough for posting this - much the same thing happened to my ex-mother-in-law, but I didn't get to see it.

Picture of coyob16 achievements


18. coyob 5 years ago

Lucky guy, he got tought a valuable lesson.

Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo44 achievements


19. Gringo_el_Diablo 5 years ago

I wonder why he forgot his hat :(|) :(|) :(|)

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


20. irishgek 5 years ago

#11 is right if that was in the face there would be nothing left of him and i dont even think he got the full brunt of it either that horse had a heart he could have killed him, Idiots be ware animals can be evil too :)

Picture of jbmxr916 achievements


21. jbmxr9 5 years ago

That was the epitome of "asking for it" This video should also be in Ownage, not in Accidents!

Picture of Bahira35 achievements


22. Bahira 5 years ago

Minor Darwin award.

Picture of JerryD14 achievements


23. JerryD 5 years ago

LOL ... reminds me of a previous vid ... but this moron got it real bad - or was it good? He beated the horse and got payback >:) >:) >:) .....

Picture of Kes13 achievements


24. Kes 5 years ago

My girlfirend did that to me once >:)

Picture of TechnoKING18 achievements


25. TechnoKING 5 years ago

I like how dazed and confused he was, and like #19 said, even forgot his hat...haha

Picture of Lance_Humpalot7 achievements


26. Lance_Humpalot 5 years ago


Picture of badboy00748 achievements


27. badboy007 5 years ago

what the hell was he thinking lol
and Loud noises ????? theres a band playing behind them

Picture of Chester5 achievements


28. Chester 5 years ago

well, it does hurt XD but i think he deserv it.
Respect for the animals ^^

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


29. YetiGrowl 5 years ago

Hahahahaha awesome.

Picture of cobb94873 achievements


30. cobb9487 5 years ago

>:)He Must be the one who rote that song.I Been Kicked By A Mule.Haa.
haa.He Must Have A septictank For A brain.Haa.Haa.That Is Unreal

Picture of L-Roxwell6 achievements


31. L-Roxwell 4 years ago

kicked the dog shit out of him.

Picture of owner41 achievements


32. owner 4 years ago

>:) dislocated jaws..

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


33. PortugaL26 3 years ago

Right in the kisser :x