Your business card is #$@!

This guys is *very* serious about his business card!

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Picture of malkavian23 achievements


1. malkavian 5 years ago

Wow that guy has a big fucking ego.Who gives a fuck about a pimped up card when all you need from it is a name,telephone number and optionally e-mail.I bet the toilet paper he uses has a high gloss finish too.

Picture of Xtian8426 achievements


2. Xtian84 5 years ago

first thing i would do is throw that bcard because its to big it would not fit in my
roledex :))

Picture of VoxT3R33 achievements


3. VoxT3R 5 years ago

One Word... PISSPOT! >:) :D >:)

Picture of Chingis34 achievements


4. Chingis 5 years ago

WTH? Was it real?

Picture of ncc1701d17 achievements


5. ncc1701d 5 years ago

I've seen better looking BEERMATS. Tosser...

Picture of mr_magicman25 achievements


6. mr_magicman 5 years ago

I thought he just pulled out a beermat. "THIS IS THE BEST BEERMAT IN THE WORLD, ITS MINE". abd 25 years to invent!!! he needs to get out more.

Picture of whowhatme17 achievements


7. whowhatme 5 years ago

Uh ??

00:15 "You don't spend the money until you've made the money" .

He doesn't come over as a prudent person .

Strikes me as being a total wanker .

Picture of smodd23 achievements


8. smodd 5 years ago

American Psycho Any1? :S

Picture of theace5 achievements


9. theace 5 years ago

@ #8 hes def gonna kill someone

Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements


10. AL7AIR 5 years ago

Who uses a Rolodex anymore? If I really get a business card I usually add the contact details to my cell phone's address book, which syncs up nicely with my office PC, and toss the card into the round folder aka. waste bin.

Picture of AirborneJedi14 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment AirborneJedi 5 years ago

hahaha This guy was on rob dyrdeks fantasy factory

Picture of Wombat35 achievements


12. Wombat 5 years ago

In case I really don't get like #4 it: Is this real?

Picture of BlackNinjaFSC15 achievements


13. BlackNinjaFSC 5 years ago

You are a wanker...Guaranteed!

Picture of stepanstas29 achievements


14. stepanstas 5 years ago

I thought it was stupid at first (considering the amount of years he spent on it) but no lie I would not throw that out. I have have trouble knowing where to put it, but I wouldn't throw it out.

Picture of asemanden29 achievements


15. asemanden 5 years ago

The uploader must be in family with this guy to put the video in the awesome category...

Picture of mvanveen8142 achievements


16. mvanveen81 5 years ago

25 years to design a black card with his own ugly face on it ...

Picture of Zmagec33 achievements


17. Zmagec 5 years ago

25 years to design this ? heh.. so actually he looks like he is old around 40 .. so he started to make this card at the age of 15.. how could he know what bussiness would he be in. >.< TIME TRAVELING! HAXOR

Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo44 achievements


18. Gringo_el_Diablo 5 years ago


Picture of joker153535 achievements


19. joker1535 5 years ago

I make my own business cards and my company is blooming. People dont give a damn about your cards, they care about your service and product. I guess it will take this guy another 25 years to figure that out.

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


20. Urmensch 5 years ago

"Life is not about being liked, it's about being effective."

What if, as with this muppet, you're neither?

Picture of spla30032 achievements


21. spla300 5 years ago

big enough if ur in need of toilet paper >:)

Picture of joka23243 achievements


22. joka232 5 years ago

baah just use it as a coaster !!

Picture of Zmagec33 achievements


23. Zmagec 5 years ago

25 years to design this ? heh.. so actually he looks like he is old around 40 .. so he started to make this card at the age of 15.. how could he know what bussiness would he be in. >.< TIME TRAVELING! HAXOR

Picture of kainim37 achievements


24. kainim 5 years ago

his business card is gay it doesn't fit anywhere so you cant put it away easily, you can't see directly what it is about...

Picture of archikarki13 achievements


25. archikarki 5 years ago

25yrs to design a card...i know where its going...into the bin....

Picture of antifolklore28 achievements


26. antifolklore 5 years ago

biggest douche in the universe!

Picture of kutless42924 achievements


27. kutless429 5 years ago

i design business cards, i should so hire this guy... lol he's very self centered but it's so fun to hear...

Picture of noogin23 achievements


28. noogin 5 years ago

i guarantee my fist in your face asswipe

Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements


29. JimDunlop 5 years ago

Man, hook line and sinker, all of you. This guy is taking the piss! It's fuggin' hilarious! If you think it's real, man -- I got a great deal on some prime real estate in the Florida Everglades you might be interested in too! :D

Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements


30. eNdEmiOn06463 5 years ago

Looks like a children's pop-up booklet to me. Guess he has a really small dick or something.

Picture of deepster4 achievements


31. deepster 5 years ago

Reminds me of David Brent from The Office.

Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements


32. angrytattedguy 5 years ago

So basically your saying "here you throw this away" wtf honestly it wont fit in your wallet so the first place it'll go is out of my hand and into the garbage. What a tool.

Picture of yodakiller31 achievements


33. yodakiller 5 years ago

Aww its like he never kindergarten. He still loves his pop-up books lol what a douche.

Picture of KaiksKan9 achievements


34. KaiksKan 4 years ago

25 years to design? Wasn't cocaine really big in the US about 25 years ago? I guess he never got over it.

Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements


35. captain_obvious 2 years ago

hehe 25 years trown away by the internet. who usses cards nowwa days