Heck of a Genius

This guy is a genius. He is going to make everything open source.

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Picture of kainim37 achievements


1. kainim 4 years ago

interesting, and the accent made me stay concentrated even longer (yes i admit, i was immitating him :D)

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements


2. flushroyal 4 years ago

everyone should watch TED.

Picture of ktg_536 achievements


3. ktg_5 4 years ago

You should see this! His work and research are really impressive! And the technology that he had developed will revolutionary the world!

Picture of Blackx37 achievements


4. Blackx 4 years ago

just Forward to the intresting DEMO's

Picture of timppi20 achievements


5. timppi 4 years ago

fabulous! but i think apple and microsoft would like to sit this one out, at least for the open source-part :D

you might want to keep in mind that these are only ideas of how technology could be used, and it would take a lot of development on many parts for everything work that seamlessly..

still, very cool concept!

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


6. nooitaf (admin) 4 years ago

Open Source FTW >:)

Picture of Geekster52 achievements


7. Geekster (admin) 4 years ago


Picture of reece59018 achievements


8. reece590 4 years ago

I want ONE!

Picture of assefaum21 achievements


9. assefaum 4 years ago

Well i have the feeling we will hear a lot from Pranav in the future...
That guy is a true genius

Picture of OPixel30 achievements


10. OPixel 4 years ago

This guy has a real potential for making better future :)

Picture of MiNo40 achievements


11. MiNo 4 years ago

this guy is the Edison of the 21st century. He deserves a Nobel Fuckin Prize

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


12. Aliquantulus 4 years ago

Please don't make me say this again. Calling someone names will get your comment removed (and you'll get banned if it's bad enough) no matter if you're correct in the accusation.

Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements


13. codenamegizmo 4 years ago

pff hocos pocus mumbo jumbo... computers, now THEY're the wave of the future!

Picture of SilverPT21 achievements


14. SilverPT 4 years ago

One Word: Vision ;)

Picture of spetzialist24 achievements


15. spetzialist 4 years ago

Umm was that me? Sorry if so, im abit drunk and i dont even remember what i wrote, something about the 1st comment i think. Oh well, sorry again.

Oh i do remember and i wonder why my post gets removed while the one this fuss is about, doesn't. He commented on the video and i commented on him (apart from the vid). I won't argue about quality of our remarks nor the 'correctness', but its abit unfair to punish only me don't you think. But well honestly i don't really care and just wanna move along and continue browsing the new videos like i were before without any more of this. Eot for me (i hope).

Picture of crimson37 achievements


16. crimson 4 years ago

Hyper geek

Picture of murdoc37 achievements


17. murdoc 4 years ago

Proud to be an Indian!!
not proud of the accent though :D :D

Picture of Bdubb26 achievements


18. Bdubb 4 years ago

it ALMOST looks fake.. almost..

Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements


19. Voutelamberopipi 4 years ago

TED is the good side of the internet

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


20. Aliquantulus 4 years ago

#15 My comment we're related to comments made by more than one person. And all of them were sexual slurs.

Picture of kevlar26 achievements


21. kevlar 4 years ago

Mr Gates, please pack up...

Picture of andrer99941 achievements


22. andrer999 4 years ago

Isn't this a repost?
I saw this somewhere before...here, I guess!

Picture of Dogs_Gonads28 achievements


23. Dogs_Gonads 4 years ago

'Open Source' ,well i cant see that lasting long when and if this technology takes off.

But give this guy credit,he really has got something fantastic here.

Just hope he doesn't sell out to one of the big manufacturers and lets them take all the credit and money.

Picture of blllat6 achievements


24. blllat 4 years ago

wow i cant believe nobody has thought of this before! theres definitely huge potential

some functions of it wouldn't work as it is though. what if more than one person looks at something? nobody will be able to read his/her own projection because they will all be layered on top of each other. one thing that would be really kickass and would fix the problem would be if it projected holograms! instead of projecting boring writing and making me read shit, how about projecting a hologram of sean connery who can tell it to me!!

i would think that it would also need to provide the user with an option as to what information they see and what they don't. otherwise you would go insane with that much shit everywhere you look. especially when advertisers figure out how to exploit it. pop-ups piss me off already so i hate to think what it will be like when they leave the house.

hopefully privacy won't be an issue either... what if the pigs had access to everything we looked at? you would have to turn it off everytime you got high or are around someone getting high :(

Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements


25. LisaColorado 4 years ago

What he's making happen in reality is things we only saw on special effects on TV shows about witches and warlocks. Just amazing how this is not only possible but happening. :O

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


26. PortugaL26 4 years ago

Mohinder Suresh? :)

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


27. patriotaus 4 years ago

if only we had something better then a projector

Picture of tominator19838 achievements


28. tominator1983 4 years ago

This guy definitely has a lot of vision and cool ideas, but unfortunately, they're just that (at least for now). It's not practical to use a projector and a camera (all the different lighting and contrast problems, your hands block the light beams, tracking issues, etc...). You are effectively limited to the very narrow space directly in front of you, and even then, the situation has to be ideal. Not only that, but almost every example has to be custom coded for the interface. For example, the weather overlay on the map (that was totally staged, in case you didn't realize). Weather map graphics in newspapers vary wildly, so for that specific example to work, they had to literally custom-code the application *just* for that one newspaper graphic. Sure, it looks awesome and all, but what happens when you try it with a different newspaper? Or what happens when you are looking at an atlas in your car? Does the program try to overlay weather on top of the highway map? To summarize: These ideas are great and innovative and point towards the future, but they are just staged dreams right now. For this to really take off, they will need either direct-visual brain implants or wireless full-color contact lens displays (with wireless video links to an internet-enabled pocket computer similar to the iPhone). Just saying.

Picture of jaappaap20 achievements


29. jaappaap 4 years ago

If you love TED have a look at http://www.sciencedump.com lots more of these geniuses! 8-)

Picture of denniscav18 achievements


30. denniscav 4 years ago

All of these future and proposed benefits from computer technology only retards and slows down the evolution of the human mind. Relying upon computers today for speed and accuracy, also slows down the human mind's evolution in the direction of the same.

Picture of jurb3 achievements


31. jurb 4 years ago

cool www.sciencedump.com very ted like :)

Picture of KKn21 achievements


32. KKn2 4 years ago

These are fantastic, groundbreaking ideas that are probably taking us in the right direction if we have to use computers....right up until the part where he says "open source". I do not mean to take anything away from this brilliant work but Open source, while Idealistically perfect, has it's flaws. For instance: have any of you developers out there considered what open source really means for your jobs and your value as talented programmers in the long run? The more open source you go, the more you devalue yourselves. Heck, why would I pay for my developers if I can get it to happen for free in open source?? Wake UP! The ideology is, well, ideal. But until we go back to bartering, who the heck is going to pay your housing, food, fuel, medical, clothing, heating, cooling, drinking, and eating out bills?!?!

Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements


33. angrytattedguy 4 years ago

This video made my regain a little bit of confidence in the human race the only thing that needs to change is the projection technology. If we can we need to find a way to project a different light source that regular light does not distort then this will be like minority report pcs just amazing.

Picture of an33ba1 achievements


34. an33ba 4 years ago

its amazing....im n engg. student nd i really wnt 2 knw where he is open sourcing it?? can any 1 really help me out with it??.....

Picture of nadeemjuwle2 achievements


35. nadeemjuwle 4 years ago

I great... wish India can retain such people ... however we are still proud of achievements of such Indian abroad.

Picture of Podroom26 achievements


36. Podroom 4 years ago

yea i cant wait to wear that thing around my neck...i my opinion this is a miss..for now..because of the design not the idea

Picture of smallshab3 achievements


37. smallshab 4 years ago

very nice

Picture of Ranjeet2 achievements


38. Ranjeet 3 years ago

awesome.. wow.. really nice.. :)

Picture of Ranjeet2 achievements


39. Ranjeet 3 years ago

awesome.. wow.. really nice.. :)