Parking a Ship


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Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


1. DarkiKun 4 years ago

nicely parked, aint going anywhere XD

Picture of bud26 achievements


2. bud 4 years ago

Yep, just set that anywhere Captain Crunch. :P

Picture of sephiroth23 achievements


3. sephiroth 4 years ago


Picture of Silent20 achievements


4. Silent 4 years ago

i hope the driver exchanged phone numbers

Picture of kainim37 achievements


5. kainim 4 years ago

i think thats the shipgraveyard, in india or something

(note the ship on the right, they cutted out a whole chunk)

Picture of MoT29 achievements


6. MoT 4 years ago

Woman drivers...

Picture of Louie19 achievements


7. Louie 4 years ago

It's a little tight but I can get it in. Where' the KY when you need it? :D

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment badboy007 4 years ago

nicely done :) :( ;) :D :'( :P :| :S :* :O O:) >:) 8-) :(|) ::(|)

Picture of willem5727 achievements


9. willem57 4 years ago

hope he's got inshurence :P (srry bad english)

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


10. PaterSin 4 years ago

All aboard the Fail Boat! >:)

Picture of ChrisChris18 achievements


11. ChrisChris 4 years ago

didnt he saw that the parking area was for handicap people?

Picture of JoelVA31 achievements


12. JoelVA 4 years ago

What are you guys talking about "he"?! You know that was a woman captain... "I think I can squeeze in there."

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


13. Sizzlik (admin) 4 years ago

Reminds me of the end from "Speed 2" :P

Picture of chronic39 achievements


14. chronic 4 years ago

he definitely gonna get a parking ticket...

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


15. CrackrJak 4 years ago

I believe this is a ship salvage yard. They cut these ships apart to salvage the steel there. So, It's like crashing a car in a junkyard.

Picture of silly_sy43 achievements


16. silly_sy 4 years ago

#6 & #12
just what i wass thinking. must of been a female captain!

Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements


17. Voutelamberopipi 4 years ago

that's a handicap spot... that guy should get a ticket for that

Picture of crimson37 achievements


18. crimson 4 years ago

i bet the parking sensor didn't beep =)

Picture of clark5828 achievements


19. clark58 4 years ago

I think it is a salvage yard too number 16. You can see that the ship was being pulled in with a wench.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


20. sux2bu 4 years ago

For the first 20+ seconds you can see exhaust smoke coming out of the smokestack,so it appears the ship is coming in under its own power at first. The winch is probably pulling in on an underwater marine railway that the ship has maneuvered onto to be lifted out of the water. As the ship gets closer you can see more of the bow as it rises higher on the inclined rail system.

Picture of engrishman20 achievements


21. engrishman 4 years ago

Nice, so that's how to dry-dock without a drydock?

Picture of jesse_f13 achievements


22. jesse_f 4 years ago

That asshole took my parking spot

Picture of liverpoolboy16 achievements


23. liverpoolboy 4 years ago

Popeye on Crack

That was one cool vid. Hollywood pay millions to set something like that up. They got that shot for nothing.

Picture of plurft44 achievements


24. plurft 4 years ago

... and his final words were "oohh...crap" >:) >:)

Picture of oldsalt1 achievements


25. oldsalt 4 years ago

This is a ships breakers yard and by the nationality of the flag its located in Mauritius, an Island in the Indian ocean off the coast of Africa. Its a typical maneuver to run the ship up on the slipway for cutting up. I see that other posters got it right. In India many breakers are located on the beaches and they have become an eye sore plus a lot of pollution due to oil and asbestos.

Picture of Aurel29 achievements


26. Aurel 4 years ago


Picture of 6ionic20 achievements


27. 6ionic 4 years ago

I saw similar scene in "Independence Day"...

Picture of DJKovu17 achievements


28. DJKovu 3 years ago

that are the shipgraveyard, in india the most dangerus place to work probely in the world, mostly from the cuting and all the Aspest fibers and other deadly cimicals fibres and pladses the ships contaning