Crazy Romanian truck driver

Spoiler: He doesn't crash.

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Picture of imagic42 achievements


1. imagic 4 years ago

drivers like this cause accidents like this :

Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


2. TarasFromLviv 4 years ago

That spoiler spoiled the whole experience for me...

Picture of Sluggishadj35 achievements


3. Sluggishadj 4 years ago

he's the biggest idiot i've ever seen

Picture of AlenKobas18 achievements


4. Comment rated too low. Show this comment AlenKobas 4 years ago

He's on FAJA!!!! xD

Picture of Alucard41 achievements


5. Alucard 4 years ago

Fucking tard...

Picture of plurft44 achievements


6. Comment rated too low. Show this comment plurft 4 years ago

He is my hero!

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


7. CrackrJak 4 years ago

I've heard of truck drivers going stir crazy before, But this is ridiculous.

Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements


8. _MidNight_ 4 years ago

tzaran prost.

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


9. Usdevildoggmc 4 years ago

It's a good thing I quit smoking meth lmao... O:)

Picture of willbill4 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment willbill 4 years ago

what you been feeding him?

what a tit.

Picture of sitaauk47 achievements


11. sitaauk 4 years ago

that song isn't even that good :)

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


12. shayangx 4 years ago

haha..hes a good entertainer gotta give him that.. :D

Picture of Skeesicks36 achievements


13. Skeesicks 4 years ago

In Russ...Romaina road drives you....crazy!

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


14. badboy007 4 years ago

if this was the UK he would probly be sacked.
So do they have laws in Romania or what.

Picture of rubi46 achievements


15. rubi 4 years ago

the describtion with the spoiler realy decreased the fun watching this video, without it you would maybe expect something going wrong....but no you alrdy know from start on that nothing bad will happen....
(why doidnt added to the previous video "Train vs. Tornado" the spoiler: "train crashed, but driver survived"?! ....)

Picture of libertysfallout26 achievements


16. libertysfallout 4 years ago

Who is he trying to impress?

Picture of sokasha24 achievements


17. sokasha 4 years ago

you would think the passenger would be worried

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


18. irishgek 4 years ago

#14 Romania is part of the EU as as such has to have similar rules and regulations or they wouldent be part of the EU as now all ppl from romania have European drivers licence's and well there driving over here on irish roads and they may drive at crazy speeds and do stupid crap but trust me theres more irish dead on the roads than polish/slovak etc etc ...but that guy wasent driving at all what a moron

Picture of Randyio48 achievements


19. Randyio 4 years ago

what an attention whore *shakes head*

Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements


21. AL7AIR 4 years ago

@20 Thanks for the link :)

From the article: He says: "I was just bored, this wasn't anything special. We all do this - we sing, while we're driving."

Singing I might get, but dancing around? Idiot, if he was my employee he would be fired, and only be hired to perform at the next office parties >:).

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


22. Comment rated too low. Show this comment irishgek 4 years ago

#21 LOL or the Village idiot

Picture of callate20 achievements


23. Comment rated too low. Show this comment callate 4 years ago

im pretty sure that this is in mexico. he was just happy that the zetas didnt kill him

Picture of Woette25 achievements


24. Woette 4 years ago

This was filmed on the belgian roads and this video even made the news 8-) .
I do have to say i find his 'moves' quite amusing but its just plain dangerous but he isnt the only one, i see on a daily basis truckers reading magazines/newspapers behind the wheel...

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


25. Chrisofskjern 4 years ago

What a dumb fuck!

Picture of corneutzu13 achievements


26. corneutzu 4 years ago

it's a very old video. a big "minus" for that.

Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements


27. BMX_Tavi 4 years ago

i`ts not old....i`m romanian and this wuz made last year cuz i saw the scandal at tv but it seems that was filmed by phone....a low quality phone
sorry for my eng :)

Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements


28. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Voutelamberopipi 4 years ago

funkeeeeh! :D

PS: i'm a big fan of low ratings

Picture of heup30 achievements


29. heup 4 years ago



Picture of stefan853 achievements


30. stefan85 4 years ago

ghost riding the whip... crazy romanian asshole style

Picture of computeraddict22 achievements


31. computeraddict 4 years ago

i like his style lol reminds me of those monday mornings when i wake up late 8-) and hey all u guys calling him a idiot he looked like he was paying better attention than most ppl driving around

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


32. snotraddict 4 years ago

#31 Indeed. At least he wasn't putting on make-up!

Picture of chinesekid0511 achievements


33. chinesekid05 4 years ago

is the song really that good?

Picture of Dauntless45 achievements


34. Dauntless 4 years ago

Does anyone know the name of the song? i think its quite catchy :D

Picture of ITZU2 achievements


35. ITZU 4 years ago

song name: Sandu Ciorba - Barbatul care-i barbat

Picture of AshBird33 achievements


36. AshBird 4 years ago

This Tarzan lost his licence in Romania .. was found DWI in his home town

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


37. Burimi 2 years ago

And he can drive more like this in EU