Dog rescue in a Swiss lake

Awwww O:)

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30 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of Blackx37 achievements


1. Blackx 4 years ago

Right? :D 8-)

Picture of MoT29 achievements


2. MoT 4 years ago

How did he get there in the first place..?

Picture of hRock23 achievements


3. hRock 4 years ago

By now you've wasted another 2.26 minutes of your life :P

Picture of theShamus22 achievements


4. theShamus 4 years ago

So, they found the only dog in the world that cannot Doggy Paddle?

Picture of marv133716 achievements


5. marv1337 4 years ago

Lessie wouldn't have a problem with that :(|)

Picture of imagic42 achievements


6. imagic 4 years ago

the water looks so low the bloody dog could walk trough it,

what a wasteof time, defenately agree with #1

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


7. shayangx 4 years ago

It wouldnt even get this amount of attention if it was a human being.

Picture of zxoxz35 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment zxoxz 4 years ago

That dog was having a real "rough" time getting help...

Picture of Atkinc08818 achievements


9. Atkinc088 4 years ago

check out that ass at 1:30

Picture of possum18 achievements


10. possum 4 years ago

saved but broken forelegs :D

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment flushroyal 4 years ago

I uploaded waaaay more cooler video's than these stupid crapy video's but they never let it pass... gj with these gay videos ty.

Picture of sledgie23 achievements


12. sledgie 4 years ago

Lots of people are gonna get into the car park without paying now >:)

Picture of nZL26 achievements


13. nZL 4 years ago

This is such a bullshit, it's a fuckin dog, it can swim ffs. And what's with all the people? I don't understand this at all.

Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements


14. codenamegizmo 4 years ago

it would have been epic if the guy slipped and they both fell in at the end.

Picture of crimson37 achievements


15. crimson 4 years ago

that dog is the greatest wuss i've ever seen

Picture of Limberg38 achievements


16. Limberg 4 years ago

And once again humans are intervening in the natural selection process :| But really, what is wrong with that dog, just swim...

Picture of silly_sy43 achievements


17. silly_sy 4 years ago

did any one else want the guy at the end to slip and him and the dog get wet??? just me then lol

Picture of Geekster52 achievements


18. Geekster (admin) 4 years ago


Picture of master_shake35 achievements


19. master_shake 4 years ago

OK I agree it was ridiculous, the dog should have been made to swim back,just walk away don't feed its need for attention, but it probably got there by running and jumping and stopped in middle cuz it scarred or sumtin

Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements


20. prankphonecall 4 years ago

The dog was wet so one would assume that how it got out there... perhaps the water was too cold. I can't belive it drew such a crowd though, it should have just swum back out (or walked in the ankle deep water).

Picture of hammamasta12 achievements


21. hammamasta 4 years ago


Picture of yurtb25 achievements


22. yurtb 4 years ago

honestly how did the dog get there and why couldn't it swim

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


23. Nifen 4 years ago

just take of your god dam shoes! REALLY!

Picture of NathaneM38 achievements


24. NathaneM 4 years ago

not so smart dog.

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


25. FatHorse 4 years ago

Usually I shit on those idiotic self-loving morons saying: "...blabla... this is not snotr-worthy...blabla"... as if this site was like a fine glass of Champagne or a refined meal. This is a fucking stupid video site, get off your high horses morons!!! >:)

But in this case I must admit... this was really not worth posting... one of the most boring vid I've ever seen here... 8-)

Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements


26. OnetimeX 4 years ago

CHKK CHKK BOOM, CHKK CHKK BOOM!!!........Problem solved >:) >:) >:)

Picture of cheesewire26 achievements


27. cheesewire 4 years ago

i luv these sweet videos. so many people were concerned. it made me feel good. :*

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


28. snotraddict 4 years ago

1:28 Nice Ass!

Picture of zylosxx21 achievements


29. zylosxx 4 years ago

Dog no swim dog no live... Anyone for Chinese.. I heard there was a special today... Chop no-can swam black doog.. $5.99 free drink >:) >:) >:) :D

Picture of De_Micco35 achievements


30. De_Micco 4 years ago

very really interesting stuff