A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

a flipbook animation of the history "of pretty much everything"...

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Picture of Voutelamberopipi36 achievements


1. Voutelamberopipi 4 years ago

amazing work

Picture of kainim37 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment kainim 4 years ago

shouldn't have used sounds for footsteps, but nicely done!
anyway, it was purty epic!
(tf2 sounds lol)

Picture of NathaneM38 achievements


3. NathaneM 4 years ago

2:45, nice rendition :D

2:37 i thought i saw something else >:)

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


4. eddie2042 4 years ago

don't forget the part where we made up gods :D

Picture of Sluggishadj35 achievements


5. Sluggishadj 4 years ago

lol'd @ the counter strike footsteps sound

Picture of dvh35 achievements


6. dvh 4 years ago

ha ha! but this video has been created!

Picture of rohypnol18 achievements


7. rohypnol 4 years ago

How many frames does it have?

Picture of Tareim46 achievements


8. Tareim (admin) 4 years ago

description from the original video:

*UPDATE: It (the final piece) got full marks! YAY :D*

This is the final piece for my AS art course, a flipbook made entirely out of biro pens. It's something like 2100 pages long, and about 50 jotter books. I'd say I worked on and off it for roughly 3 weeks.

Song is French Cancan by Jaques Offenbach.

Additional sounds credited to Valve, specifically from their game Team Fortress 2.

Other stuff is from the 300 trailer and O Little Town of Bethlehem.

All other content copyright Jamie Bell (aka DispleasedEskimo) 2010, I guess :P

Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements


9. BMX_Tavi 4 years ago

lol CRIT HIT!!!

Picture of flz32 achievements


10. flz 4 years ago

insane amount of frames :O

i used to create such animations in school at booring classes >:)

Picture of imagic42 achievements


11. imagic 4 years ago

ok, now why isn't this in the history classes yet ?

Amazing work !!

Picture of EagleEyes33 achievements


12. EagleEyes 4 years ago

I loled @ "This Is SPARTAAA" :D

Picture of larsifarsi16 achievements


13. larsifarsi 4 years ago

very cool entertainment

Picture of Pipo6 achievements


14. Pipo 4 years ago

I also like the Monty Python ! :D

Picture of Darkic31 achievements


15. Darkic 4 years ago

WOW nice 1 !

Picture of Ballbag26 achievements


16. Ballbag 4 years ago

i think he used all the sound effects from TF2... lol i love it

Picture of Rushneversleep7 achievements


17. Rushneversleep 4 years ago

How many pieces of sheet paper's used, wish not from school kids. Creative Mind Buds...

Picture of zazab18 achievements


18. zazab 4 years ago

Just awesome!

Picture of SoullessOne25 achievements


19. SoullessOne 4 years ago

I learned more in the past 3 minutes than I did with 6 years of High school history lessons.

I blame the government.

Picture of klim535425 achievements


20. klim5354 4 years ago

#19 Oh come on, this is an Art project. Not a Science project.
There is so much misinformation. Good Art.

Picture of clark5828 achievements


21. clark58 4 years ago

So PAC-MAN was in our evolution? 0:33

Picture of owner41 achievements


22. owner 4 years ago


awesome.. nice hard work....

Picture of cozmoking4 achievements


23. cozmoking 4 years ago

That is super wicked man!!! I enjoyed it.

How many page exercise book was it?

Picture of kebabmaster31 achievements


24. kebabmaster 4 years ago

Nicely done!
but why does history end around the 1960s... :S

Picture of aura19454 achievements


25. aura1945 4 years ago

Muito bom! :)

Picture of ace54329 achievements


26. ace543 4 years ago

#24 it doesn't.... there was no ozone when it zoomed out from earth :P

Picture of Farmer201125 achievements


27. Farmer2011 3 years ago

Yep!, that is how it happend!!!!! :)