Psycho girlfriend smashes Xbox

This guy needs a new Xbox... and a new girlfriend :O

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Picture of Rexxae40 achievements


1. Rexxae 4 years ago

I lolled at the part were she said: "No sex for a year!!" :D :P

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


2. eddie2042 4 years ago

Guys... I don't want to be the first to say this, but..

...this is the kind of girl i want in bed >:)

(oh yeah, I'm naughty :D )

Picture of medicino30 achievements


3. medicino 4 years ago

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch? that a knife?

Picture of Phyxius27 achievements


4. Phyxius 4 years ago

I think she prefers DIRT 2..

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


5. Slap_chop_ninja 4 years ago

Fake. Very fake.

Dummy Xbox not plugged into anything.

Picture of etplayer31 achievements


6. etplayer 4 years ago

No offense, but this guy was a freakin doofus anyhow; you do NOT play your significant other to 'own face'. Any guy who does is probably socially inept. *ANY*time you play with your SO who is not a fellow rager you should *always* handicap yourself. Equip the shittiest weapons possible, only use pistol, hell only use KNIFE if you have to, don't run. At least make it a challenge, and then if your SO still can't hit you, make it a game of 'Running Man', IE how long can you dodge fire until they finally nail you. Quite frankly, this guy got what he deserved. Jesus, he had a relatively hot chick who was willing to game with him and he screwed it up royal. FAIL!

Picture of samxgx45 achievements


7. samxgx 4 years ago

woman love to make up in bed after a fight like this... so i guess if he goes to her after this fight, it wil be WWIII in bed with a lot of sorry love you's.

Picture of VikingO38 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment VikingO 4 years ago

acting.... the guy keep smiling during girlfriend's rage..

Picture of imagic42 achievements


9. imagic 4 years ago

nice acting,, but fake as hell

Picture of dogfish37 achievements


10. dogfish 4 years ago

i think it is hard to tell if this is fake or not. the guy is calm because he knows about the camera. and it seems like she unplugs the xbox when she takes it (the tv goes black). but it still can be fake easily...

Picture of VoxT3R33 achievements


11. VoxT3R 4 years ago

Plus his controller has a wire but isn't plugged into the one she pwns! If your gonna fake it, at least do it in a none obvious way.. lol >:)

Picture of Diarmaid29 achievements


12. Diarmaid 4 years ago

Very very fake, why would the camera be there? (at such a perfect position for the whole clip). Look at where the coffee table is positioned to block the power light on the xbox - dummy xbox (how far would you have to reach to get your cup of coffee?!). No wires connected to the dummy xbox. I don't even think the controller was powered up. His acting was ok, but she was awful!!!! And when she starts shouting at him - she doesn't even make any sense.
If your going to fake a video, like so many people have started doing, -please, please do it right!!!!!! I also hate the way some videos get loads of attention just because there is a chick (not even a hot one) in the clip.

........for shame.

Picture of dogfish37 achievements


13. dogfish 4 years ago

#11 his controller is pulgged into the xbox! 1:22

Picture of Deathegg31 achievements


14. Deathegg 4 years ago

umm... why whould a tv go black when something is unplugged?.. it should go blue or have a big "no connection" or something..

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


15. Chrisofskjern 4 years ago

Get back in the kitchen and make him a sandwich instead!

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


16. PaterSin 4 years ago

there is nothing plugged in... even if she unplugged it withing a blink of an eye u should at least see some cables falling down after...

maybe gona be an advertisement for some stress/anger management therapy thing^^
she seems to have gotten hit on the head a few too many time >:)

Picture of johnnyash27 achievements


17. johnnyash 4 years ago

Guys I'm with eddie2042....Imagine the violence in bed?

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


18. MakeTnotWar 4 years ago

See the HD-Version here:
You can see the cables fall away when she lifts it. When she raises it above her head you can clearly see the cable of his connected controller move up and then down again. She had a wireless I think.
Why is there a camera? Maybe he planned to mock her. If so he got what he deserved.

Picture of Urihep38 achievements


19. Urihep 4 years ago

I was waiting for the girl to pick up the knife. Now that would be interesting!

Picture of miljenko8 achievements


20. miljenko 4 years ago

da im povjerujemo?

Picture of ems27 achievements


21. ems 4 years ago

Fake probably yes.

Otherwise a excellent example on a situation where hitting your woman is allowed. I would have knocked her the fuck out and thrown her out the window.

Picture of cholio15 achievements


22. Comment rated too low. Show this comment cholio 4 years ago


Picture of kainim37 achievements


23. kainim 4 years ago

i hate her screams, fake or not
she needs to get back to the kitchen
(which she seemed to do at the end of the video game)
but srsly what the HELL

Picture of Fenris20 achievements


24. Fenris 4 years ago

#2 in bed, not near your xbox xD

Picture of moese42 achievements


25. moese 4 years ago

why did he filmed it in the first place? I call it fake.

Picture of supes7 achievements


26. supes 4 years ago

okay ,okay no sex ,,for a week,mmmmm we could live with that,destroy my gaming rig,,,,oh it's on bitch,your gonna get knocked the hell out >:)

Picture of crimson37 achievements


27. crimson 4 years ago

anybody noticed how she keeps making small jumps while she screams? xD

Picture of influenza33 achievements


28. influenza 4 years ago


OMG is that a knife? 01:32
thats sacary...

look at his reaction... :O

Picture of bigloud3 achievements


29. bigloud 4 years ago

Make children - your woman will be busy.
I swear, you will find her only in kitchen or bedroom, the perfect places for women.

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


30. Fergus_Thedog 4 years ago

Now this is why women play windows solitaire or mahjongg endlessly - apparently more challenging games provoke some kind of emotional reaction.

Picture of cheesewire26 achievements


31. cheesewire 4 years ago

at the end, i thought she was going for the knife! lmfao


just wow. he at least shoulda let her win a couple times. been a little nicer. shes obviously not a serious gamer, so he shouldnt treat her like she is.

poor girl.

poor guy.

poor xbox

may he rest in peaces. O:)

Picture of Karure30 achievements


32. Karure 4 years ago

#1 I lolled when he sayd it wouldn't make a difference

Picture of MentalFresh15 achievements


33. MentalFresh 4 years ago


Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements


34. captain_obvious 4 years ago

i had a girllfriend like that. the guy probly thinks± pffff here we go again.

Picture of Alessa27 achievements


35. Alessa 4 years ago

Fake... not even funny, and bad actress :(|)

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


36. CrackrJak 4 years ago

I'd be calling Judge Judy over this.

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


37. dragonon 4 years ago

whatever, guy is idiot!!!

Picture of kutless42924 achievements


38. kutless429 4 years ago

Not that I care but they should look into making a Girlfriend-proof 360

Picture of lrcerqueira16 achievements


39. lrcerqueira 4 years ago

I would've grabbed the knife and killed the bitch. :D

Picture of riverside8921 achievements


40. riverside89 4 years ago

Not much frustration tolerance. But there's no way this girl can go for even a week without sex. But then again, just because he won't be getting any doesn't mean she won't be getting any.

Picture of Mitak35 achievements


41. Mitak 4 years ago

This girl is normal like any other.The guys is an idiot, hedidnt let her win. He proved he is a game guru, 1337, congrats, this girl will find someone else in a month. O:)

Picture of remarky1 achievements


42. remarky 4 years ago

Is it important whether the film is fake or not? It`s interesting.
It tell us that you should let your girlfriend win when you play games, or you won`t have sex for a mouth.

Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements


43. BMX_Tavi 4 years ago

fake and gay

Picture of c3llz24 achievements


44. c3llz 4 years ago

you can not beat a chick in a game. blue balls for you buddy
in a lot of pc game chicks pwn the boy coz the boys want to get layed

and ass for etplayer spell fail hard
and cheesewire poor xbox my a$$ i think all xboxers should have that fate of getting smashed into little bits .

p.s. get a pc way better games way better game play >:)

Picture of idd32197712 achievements


45. idd321977 4 years ago

this is fake watch no cables to the 360 set up

Picture of joeystl43421 achievements


46. joeystl434 4 years ago

#32 ROFL

Picture of eupatriot29 achievements


47. eupatriot 4 years ago

maybe no vote

Picture of huldu30 achievements


48. huldu 4 years ago

Of course its a fake. Still kinda funny.

Picture of draxenn31 achievements


49. draxenn 4 years ago

It makes a good point to all the little ragers who play.

When you rage like that, you look and sound like a whiny bitch.

Picture of jypny38 achievements


50. jypny3 4 years ago

i like how at the end he's thinking wtf just happened.

Picture of Poxyklyp14 achievements


51. Poxyklyp 4 years ago

Very fake. Look closely when she picks it up. There are no wires connected to it at all. 360 wires are connected much better than to just fall out like that when picked up.

Picture of chuchesaku33 achievements


52. chuchesaku 4 years ago

if i had a girl like this, i would record her with the camera as well ;) and i would laugh my ass off every time i watch it :D
and i don't think it's fake; you can see clearly ( 1:22 )that his controller is connected..( #14 )even when she takes the xbox off the shelf you can see it unplugs from the wall. and when she throws it, it unplugs from the tv and the screen goes blue.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


53. moskwiz 4 years ago

I have only 3 words for you


Picture of rstan586 achievements


54. rstan58 4 years ago

thank god it was not a ps3 and a xbox aint worth much so it doesnt really matter

Picture of XfantomX621 achievements


55. XfantomX6 4 years ago

That's way i love call of duty



Picture of jojotin31 achievements


56. jojotin 3 years ago

1:30 is what i call a kickflip

Picture of Unknown37 achievements


57. Unknown 2 years ago

Could haven been worse, imagen she would have smashed a Sony PS3.

Picture of djac1320 achievements


58. djac13 2 years ago

if i had a girl like this probably i was gonna troll her out with the game ...hysteric bitch