February Fail Compilation

It's March again, so here's a compilation of funny fail videos (some of them already on Snotr).

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Picture of Lookintomypenis32 achievements


1. Lookintomypenis 4 years ago

When are people going to learn how to do backflips and not shoot inside houses?

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements


2. flushroyal 4 years ago

lolled at 4:13 and 7:23 >:)

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


3. eddie2042 4 years ago


Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


4. Highmeadow 4 years ago

What the hell happens in the apartment at at 0:32? can't tell what they are holding...

Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements


5. prankphonecall 4 years ago

4:13 isn't a fail... it rocks!!!

3:18 narrowly missed a technical Darwin award... another inch and no passing on his genes!

Nice compo by the way.

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


6. banzemanga 4 years ago

0:23 it had to be girls screaming shit
1:22 lol, these kitties satisfied me what the dog picking the ball on the stairs did not do
1:51 lol, nice car caught for showing off >:)
2:40 lol, luckily no real nade was thrown
3:20 lol, lucky balls was not smashed by the fallin block >:)
3:47 and that is how you get rid of your model rival XD
5:42 talk about soccer chaos theory 8-)
6:27 yep, cars are not water proof O:)
7:02 indeed a unique way to reach the goal :P

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


7. YetiGrowl 4 years ago

The one of the guy falling off the windmall is from where I live! It was shown on Ellen.

Picture of mxmbulat38 achievements


8. mxmbulat 4 years ago

riding on its own bicycle is a hit!

Picture of GH2312 achievements


9. GH23 4 years ago

5:05 that is what you get for listening to nickelback

Picture of kaak13 achievements


10. kaak 4 years ago

seriously one of the funniest compilations out there, TY

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


11. Chrisofskjern 4 years ago

I love these compilations! Always makes my day!! >:)

:(|) :(|) :(|) :(|) ::(|)

Picture of Daire36 achievements


12. Daire 4 years ago

February was a gooooood month! :D

Picture of ozmasood33 achievements


13. ozmasood 4 years ago

human being should stop using ramps for momentary flight :P

Picture of plurft44 achievements


14. plurft 4 years ago

i wonder what's the death count

Picture of Vintage4life25 achievements


15. Vintage4life 4 years ago

@ #4
he is holding a DB meter ( decibel meter ) and what you see happening is a guy setting of a [dutch word]Carbid bus[/dutch word] It's a container which they put a piece of calcium carbide in which, when it comes in contact with water, releases acetylene gas.. and we all know what oxygen and acetylene do... By the way, that particular clip is fake!

Picture of ZodiaC20 achievements


16. ZodiaC 4 years ago

4:28 epic! :D

Picture of _MidNight_32 achievements


17. _MidNight_ 4 years ago

atleast they kept the original sounds... just hate when they use a frickin' music at these kind of compiliations

Picture of joeman60 achievements


18. joeman 4 years ago

Thanks Niek!
Very much appreciated!!

Picture of kevlar26 achievements


19. kevlar 4 years ago

#(removed comment) You know nothing about music do you?

Blessed be the one who knows the title of that song

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


20. badboy007 4 years ago

i stoped watching when the shit music came on

Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements


21. LiquiDnB 4 years ago

Anyone knows name of the song? 8-)

Picture of LB18743 achievements


22. LB187 4 years ago

I know that may seem a little dark for some but I have watched this several times and every time I can't help but think "I didn't know Toyota made snow mobiles, 4-Wheelers, Scooters, and Bicycles!" >:)

Picture of Nixniz17 achievements


23. Nixniz 4 years ago

bicycle owned lol O:)

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


24. c0mmanderKeen 4 years ago

the safety rope one at ~0:42 has been ruined due to lack of intro

nice vid, ty :) except for the usual lets use techno part

Picture of Sramos34 achievements


25. Sramos 4 years ago

2:40 he is ready for real war!! :D